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Maintained Redwood Deck

Sealing new decks made of ipe, mangaris, redwood and other woods may be the best possible way to avoid expensive deck repairdeck refinishing or deck restoration.  In fact, sealing your deck the moment it is built and following it up with regular maintenance is crucial if you want to maintain a beautiful appearance and protect the integrity of your deck’s material.  Maintaining a deck is just as important as regular maintenance of your outdoor furniture made of teak wood, and may save you even more money.

Why Do I Need To Seal My Deck?

Some people choose to allow their decks to weather to a gray appearance.  However, without the help of deck sealerit is very possible that the deck will be damaged after too much exposure to the sun and rain.

Many people try a deck restore using Liquid Armor or a Rustoleum deck restore, but find that sealing a deck is not as simple as it looks.  In fact, the best deck sealer products are not usually those on the market for home use but the ones that are used by professionals like Teak & Deck Professionals.

If you choose to avoid deck maintenance, you may find that you are faced with a costly deck resurfacing job in the future.  Rather than refinishing a deck    or performing deck repairs, it is easier and cheaper in the long run to take care of deck cleaning and staining by hiring professionals who understand the process and have access to the very best deck stains and sealers.

Seal Now or Seal Later

When it comes to maintaining your deck, you really only have two choices:  you can seal now, or you can seal later.  If you seal your deck as soon as it is installed and take care to reseal and protect it on a regular basis, you will find that the overall cost of deck maintenance is far less than replacement.  On the other hand, if you fail to seal your deck and you wait too long, you may find that you are faced with expensive repairs and even replacement of your deck’s surface or supports.

Teak & Deck Professionals can help you choose the right deck maintenance schedule to keep your deck looking great.  We will examine your wood, talk to you about how you use your deck and determine the best maintenance plan.  We can help you decide when to refinish or restore your deck if necessary and will explain how to keep it looking great, no matter what the weather or how much you use it.

Why Teak & Deck Professionals?

Teak & Deck Professionals are ready to help you with regular maintenance for your outdoor deck, whether you choose teak, ipe, ironwood, managaris, redwood or cedar for your decking material.  We perform spot deck sanding after lightly cleaning the deck then apply the right sealing methods to ensure that your wood is protected.  We can offer you the best deck sealers available that will penetrate and protect your investment in your fine deck wood.

For more information on our unique sealing processes, click here.

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The cleaning and sanding your performed on our deck not only got rid of the gray but we can go barefoot for the first time ever. The sealer is gorgeous as well. Thanks for everything.

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