Maintaining Outdoor Teak

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After teak furniture has been refinished and sealed by Teak & Deck Professionals, we provide an annual teak  maintenance service to maintain that new look. As part of our annual maintenance service, we first remove any discoloration by sanding all the furniture. It is not important to strip the furniture, as we only need to remove any topical discoloration. Once the teak  furniture has been prepped correctly, we then seal the outdoor furniture with the same high quality teak sealer that is proprietary to Teak and Deck Professionals.


Why Should You Maintain Your Teak?

Previously sealed teak should be regularly resealed to compensate for traffic and environmental wear and tear. It is more economical to maintain the color and look of your furniture on a regular basis, than to let the furniture turn gray and black and then have to fully restore it.After teak 042 300x249 Maintaining Outdoor Teak



When Should You Maintain Your Teak?

You will be the best judge as to when your outdoor teak  furniture needs to be resealed. Typically once a year is sufficient for residential environments. Teak furniture that sits close to the ocean or spends a great deal of time in direct sunlight may need to be resealed more frequently. Commercial applications may require twice a year re-coating. Basically, when the color fades, it’s time to re-coat. If not, water can easily be absorbed into the wood’s surface, causing serious long-term damage.

Maintaining your teak furniture on an annual basis is more economical in the long run than waiting to fully restore it. There is less material and labor required for the maintenance. Teak and Deck Professionals specializes in convenient maintenance programs for our customers. We are able to complete all of the work at your home or business and provide a quick turnaround on your furniture.


Ongoing Teak Maintenance

After your furniture is sealed by Teak & Deck Professionals, very little care is needed to preserve the finish. Occasional washing with soap and water will remove normal soil. Oils from foods, wine, coffee and condiments will penetrate the teak sealer and may leave a stain. If you discover this is a problem with your furniture, you may wish to add a clear coat which will help with stain resistance.

1. Use a mild detergent such as dish soap and a sponge or soft scrub brush to wash the furniture as needed.

2. Stubborn food stains and soil can be removed by lightly sanding the wood with a fine grit sandpaper.

3. Never use bleach, steel wool or a pressure washer to clean teak furniture. Using these items without professional assistance can severely damage or discolor the finish and surface of the wood.

4. During long periods of humidity and cold weather, especially during the fall, a few small round mildew stains may appear on the wood surfaces. These can usually be removed with cleaning detergent or lightly sanding with fine sandpaper (250 grit).

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