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There are a wide variety of teak sealers on the market today but only a select few make our grade here at Teak & Deck Professionals. Many that we use and endorse are not widely available to the general public but we make sure we always have enough on hand for our customers’ needs.

Whatever you decide to do with your outdoor teak furniture, please avoid using common Teak Oil as your sealer.   Your teak furniture has all the natural oil it needs to last its entire lifetime. That’s one of the attractive points of teak furniture. The Teak Oil you buy in a store is actually low-grade linseed or tung oil that will not last long in our climate (3-4 months) and will actually attract dirt and darken over time.

Avoid Teak Oil…

Our primary teak sealer, used for 90% of our residential customers, is a marine-grade product that is custom-blended for us by the leading manufacturer of teak-specific sealers in the United States.  It dries to a lovely flat finish and is completely translucent, allowing all of the beautiful teak grain to show through. It is available in a warm honeytone tint that mimics the look of newly purchased teak or in a natural tint that give a slightly lighter look.  It is also preferred by boat owners for the upkeep of their teak wood.

As alternatives to our primary teak sealer, we also offer sealers that provide a satin finish as well as oil-based products that make it possible to achieve a darker look without obscuring the grain of the wood. Whatever your particular choice of sealer, Teak & Deck Professionals will ensure that it is the right choice for your needs and will also ensure that it is applied correctly for the best possible look and wear.

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Warm Honeytone

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Satin Finish

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