Sealing New Teak Furniture

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If you want to preserve the natural look of new teak and protect your furniture from “graying”, sealing your new furniture with a high-grade teak sealer is your best option.

Information About Sealing New Teak Furniture:

1. You must apply a teak sealer before your outdoor teak furniture begins to weather. If it has already begun to weather and gray, you first need to remove all weathered spots and gray areas. (Note: Please look at information on restoring weathered furniture.)

2. The furniture should be allowed to sit outside for a week before sealing.

3. We also recommend a light sanding to all furniture prior to sealing. This will ensure the surface is clear of imperfections. Also a light teak sanding prior to sealing, guarantees the sealer will stick to the furniture and do its job.

4. Teak & Deck Professionals uses a high quality teak sealer. We have had excellent results with this product in different climates and the majority of our customers are extremely satisfied with its look and durability. We do not recommend that our customers use a varnish, polyurethane or any glossy finish on their outdoor furniture. The ongoing maintenance and restoration expenses become very costly with these types of finishes. Also, we do not recommend  teak oil be used on your furniture. Contrary to what their names may imply, these products will require frequent maintenance and tend to turn black and degrade rapidly.

5. After applying the teak sealer, if added stain protection is desired, we can provide an additional two coats of a clear coat product to the tops of tables and flat surfaces. A clear coat provides added stain resistance and allows easy cleanup of food spills.

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Cleaning and sealing our stone patio really made our outdoor living area look great. Thanks for educating us on the process and making it so easy to get done.

T.K. - Carlsbad, CA

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