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We Have Decades of Experience Restoring Southern California’s Teak Furniture and Decks.

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At Teak & Deck Professionals, we protect your outdoor investments. Our team offers Los Angeles County residents unparalleled teak restoration and refinishing services. If your teak chairs and tables are fading, or if your wooden deck is showing its age, give us a call.

Your outdoor space is an important part of any property. We understand that you’ve poured lots of money in your teak furniture and/or deck, and we want to help them last for decades That’s why Teak & Deck Professionals applies trusted, high-quality care techniques to all of our client projects.

Our Los Angeles teak professionals bring out your furniture’s original shine and color with:

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
Eco-Friendly Cleaners and Products
Premium Restoration Materials
Experienced Wood Care Techniques
Personal Attention to Detail

We’re no strangers to the Los Angeles sunshine, heat, and salty air. These components are harsh on your wooden furniture - but we know how to combat them. As Southern California residents, we’ve learned the best teak maintenance and preservation practices.

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Teak Restoration in Los Angeles

Teak is a long-lasting wood material, but over time, it can become gray, moldy, dirty, or stained. Our restoration team breathes life back into these aging teak pieces. We begin by sanding it down, then refinish the smooth surface with high-quality sealants.

With our help, your teak furniture and/or deck can look new again, even after years of use. Contact our Los Angeles office to learn more about restoring teak wood.


Teak Refinishing in Los Angeles

Los Angeles County is a wonderful place to live and work, but its sun, air pollutants, salt, and rain can wear down teak furniture and decks. If your teak furniture sits outside, it’s probably experiencing some wear and tear.

Refinishing is an excellent way to preserve teak elements from weathering and general aging. Our team will help you restore worn tables, chairs, decks, and more.

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Teak Furniture Maintenance in Los Angeles

If you want your teak furniture to look good year-round, you’ll need to schedule continuous maintenance. Our specialists will visit your property to regularly inspect, clean, and restore your teak furniture.

With our help, your outdoor furniture can look new for many decades. Talk to a teak specialist today to learn more about the benefits of continuous maintenance.

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Sealing Teak Furniture in Los Angeles

The best way to preserve your teak furniture is to apply a professional sealant. This protective coating defends your furniture against stains, spills, and environmental wear and tear.

Ask our team about refinishing your teak pieces with top-notch sealants. We want to make sure no dirt or moisture compromises your luxury furniture and/or deck.

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Why Choose Teak & Deck Professionals?

As residents of Los Angeles ourselves, we know what the local climate can do to teak furniture and decks. Fortunately, our status as a local business has allowed us to perfect our techniques for restoring and refinishing wooden pieces.

Not only do we help with teak furniture and decks, but we also provide care for different kinds of exotic woods, concrete, and stone. Whatever materials your outdoor space encompasses, we can help preserve and care for them.

All of our Teak & Deck Professionals are licensed, insured, and bonded. Furthermore, we ensure all of our experts have the proper level of training and certification to serve our Los Angeles clients. With us, you can rest assured that your wooden furniture and decks are in good hands.

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Are you ready to learn more about our teak restoration services in the Los Angeles area? Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with our professionals. We’re happy to provide guaranteed cost estimates for your project upfront.

To speak with one of our team members, call 310-736-14560 or request a quote online. We’re standing by to provide superb cleaning, sealing, and restoration services to homeowners just like you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teak Restoration

A close-grained hardwood, teak has been a popular choice for building wooden outdoor furniture for more than 2,000 years. Its high natural oil content makes it suitable for building patio furniture, as well as long-lasting wooden decks.

In Los Angeles, it’s common to see outdoor entertainment and dining areas with teak elements. The wood’s moisture resistance and durability make it an excellent choice for beachside homes and businesses.

Yes - teak is an excellent material for furniture that stays outside all day, every day. However, sunny California weather can take its toll, so you’ll need to stay on top of regular cleaning and maintenance. Let our Los Angeles teak experts help with that.

In a place like California, teak furniture and decks can last for many decades if properly maintained. Our goal is to help extend the life of your investment with tried-and-true wood care services. Regular cleaning and refinishing appointments ensure that outdoor elements don’t deteriorate the material.

Many of our Los Angeles County clients experience this problem. Weather and fluctuating humidity levels can cause many kinds of wood, including teak, to crack. If this has happened to you, talk to our teak furniture restoration team about scheduling an appointment.

Our recommendation is to touch up and re-seal your teak furniture and/or deck once every year or two. Regular maintenance will ensure that the materials last for decades, as well as maintain their natural color and shine.

This is a common complaint amongst teak furniture owners - especially in sunny places such as Los Angeles. Like other kinds of exotic wood, teak fades with time but can be restored to its natural color and shine through refinishing tactics. Talk to our teak furniture restoration professionals to learn more.

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