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Excellent Deck Refinishing Services in Los Angeles

We can restore decks that were made of mahogany, teak, and Ipe. Teak & Deck Professionals understands that from sanding to cleaning and sealing, proper care and maintenance on a regular basis is the only way to ensure that your investment retains its original looks and serves loved ones or customers for years to come.

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Deck Refinishing, Restoration, Maintenance & Sealing in Los Angeles

Decks are designed to be long-lasting but proper care and maintenance are still needed. If you haven’t been clearing away debris, these issues may exacerbate the sealant’s decay. Due to consistent exposure to the sun and the occasional storms, you will likely still start to see occasional wear and tear on your deck.

Whether you or a loved one enjoy being outdoors or your deck experiences high foot traffic, Teak & Deck Professionals can help by offering deck restoration services in Los Angeles. We understand that deck sealing, restoration, and maintenance are critical to maximizing the service lifespan of your outdoor deck.

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How Our Los Angeles Deck Restoration Services Work

We have years of experience offering deck restoration services in Los Angeles. We have the right tools to clean surfaces, repair any minor to moderate damage and then apply the right sealants to provide an even coating and long-lasting protection.

Even new decks may need an improved sealant, depending on the preferences of the installer. Our experienced deck refinishing team in Los Angeles can review the materials like Ipe or mahogany and choose the coating that matches your deck materials, among options unavailable at your local home improvement store.

The process of deck restoration in Los Angeles can be much more in-depth, of course. Our Teak & Deck Professionals will examine your surface for any greying areas or surfaces that may need sanding. By only focusing on the sections of the deck that are in true need of care, we can preserve as much of the original material as possible.

That follows the same careful cleaning process that will take away years of grime, whether it’s dead leaves, dirt or just the buildup from friends and loved ones using the surface to enjoy themselves. We can carefully remove stuck-on buildup that can prevent a complete seal.

Deck maintenance in Los Angeles is a long-term project. We’ll outline with you the best ways to keep your deck in tip-top shape and schedule future appointments for any cleaning, sealing, or other refinishing needs that you may have.

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About Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the most populous county in the United States and in the U.S. state of California. With a population of 9,861,224 residents estimated as of 2022, Los Angeles is home to a diverse and robust economy. With its capital city, Los Angeles, recognized as the Creative Capital of the World, it is also California's most populous city and the second-most populous city in the United States. Depending on which part of L.A. you live in, salt air may affect the sealant of your deck. The closer you get to the foothills, the less you have to worry about such issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to be home while we are working on your deck. In fact, many of our customers prefer to be away! All we need is access to a water source within 100 feet of your deck.

Depending on the time of year, our lead times vary from 1-6 weeks. We do our best to accommodate all scheduling requests and do our best to ensure that your work is completed on time.

We fully clean and brighten your deck to ensure that it is free of all previous sealers and stains as well as any airborne contaminants. Once it is fully dry, we are ready to seal!

We do not repair decks or fences and ask that you use a handyman or repair service to take care of those items before we refinish your deck or fence.

Our warranty is your satisfaction with our services. We cannot provide a time-based warranty with any of our outdoor refinishing and maintenance services as weather is completely variable and impossible to predict. We do know that our processes and materials are the best available.

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