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Teak is a high-quality hardwood that’s sought-after in Los Angeles for its exceptional durability and beauty. With proper care, teak tables, chairs, and benches can serve you well for decades. Despite its impressive attributes, teak isn’t immune to the damaging effects of the elements.

When outdoor teak furniture is exposed to sun, rain and pollution, its beautiful honey-brown color can fade to a flecked, silvery gray that has a dull appearance. The good news is that both old and new pieces of teak furniture can significantly benefit from some professional TLC. In addition, teak furniture that looks like it’s seen better times can be restored in the hands of a skilled teak furniture restorer.

Whether you’ve inherited old teak patio furniture or just bought a brand-new teak dining set, Teak and Deck Professionals has the skills and experience to make sure that your outdoor teak furniture holds on to its natural beauty. Our team also uses specialized techniques to reclaim your old furniture’s former splendor.

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Also known as L.A., Los Angeles is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. It is home to Hollywood, the heart of the American film industry. Los Angeles experiences an array of weather conditions, e.g., sunshine and rain. If your home features a deck, you will need to protect it against the elements.

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How Our Los Angeles Teak Restoration Services Work

Regular teak furniture cleaning in Los Angeles with the appropriate products is the first step toward keeping your new teak pieces looking great. It also helps to keep your refinished or restored pieces at their elegant best. Teak and Deck Professionals uses products that pamper teak wood by bringing it to the desirable neutral pH.

The elegant grain of teak and its rich colors help bring out the beauty in any outdoor space. With Los Angeles teak maintenance performed by Teak and Deck Professionals, you can be confident that your teak furniture will continue to get better with age.

When teak starts to weather, any sealant on it will start to wear off, exposing the bare wood. Eventually, the grain of the teak develops a raised surface. If that’s happened to your furniture, our teak refinishing experts can give it a much-needed reset.

Once the cleaning, refinishing or restoration is completed, we apply a specially formulated teak wood sealer. Teak is naturally infused with oils; those oils protect against damage from moisture and some types of pests. However, they also make teak notoriously difficult to seal. You don’t have to worry about that with our professional services.

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Teak and Deck Professionals restores teak Adirondack chairs, chaise lounges, armchairs, poolside storage bins, dining tables, coffee tables, patio sets, and more. If it’s made of teak, we can make it better with teak restoration in Los Angeles.

Experience with thousands of Los Angeles teak restoration projects has honed our techniques. With a properly applied sealer, your teak garden furniture will maintain the finish you want and stay protected from spills and stains. The sealant should be applied on a routine basis before the wood’s color starts to change.

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