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We Have Decades of Experience Restoring Teak Furniture & Decks in Southern California.

Orange County

Teak & Deck Professionals is proud to offer unparalleled teak wood restoration and refinishing services in the Orange County area. From hardwood decks to luxury teak furniture, we handle a variety of restoration projects.

Southern California’s sunshine, salt, and heat are harsh on wood furniture. Fortunately, this is our home, and we know exactly how to preserve residents’ exterior furniture and decks. We apply tried-and-true maintenance and preservation tactics to all our local projects.

Our professionals help your outdoor furniture retain its shine and color for many years through:

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
Eco-Friendly Cleaners and Products
Premium Restoration Materials
Experienced Wood Care Techniques
Personal Attention to Detail

You’ve invested a great deal in your property’s outdoor spaces - and we ensure your investment lasts. Teak & Deck Professionals tackles every restoration project with the same level of dedication and quality service. When you work with us, your teak furniture and decks are in good hands.

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Chair Bench Restoration

Teak Restoration in Orange County

Our professionals take grey, moldy, dirty, and stained teak elements and bring them back to life. We’ll sand down the teak wood to give it that smooth texture, then refinish it with high-quality sealants to preserve the color and finish.


Teak Refinishing in Orange County

Even if your outdoor teak features are in good condition, the sun, air pollutants, rain, and salty Orange County air can wear them down. So our professionals refinish teak furniture pieces and decks to protect them against environmental factors, as well as general aging.

Outdoor Teak Furniture

Teak Furniture Maintenance in Orange County

Partner with our team to keep your teak elements (and other wooden furniture pieces) looking beautiful year-round. We’ll visit your property to review your outdoor space regularly, as well as care for the teak furniture with eco-friendly cleaning products.

Wooden deck maintenance apply stain on decking

Sealing Teak Furniture in Orange County

Professional sealant services are the key to preserving teak furniture for decades to come. We’ll protect your pieces against weathering and aging with a high-quality teak sealant. This clear protective coating defends your furniture against spills, stains, and environmental damages.

teak furniture refinishing

Why Choose Teak & Deck Professionals?

Although we specialize in teak restoration and refinishing, our Orange County professionals are also experts in exotic wood care and concrete/stone restoration. Our wide range of services ensures that every aspect of your outdoor setup is properly maintained.

Furthermore, Teak and Deck Professionals is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. We’ll never send someone to your property without the proper training and certifications. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, which means we aren’t happy until you are.

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Ready to learn more about our Orange County teak restoration services? Schedule a consultation with our team of professionals today. Call 949-353-5654 or request a quote online. We’ll provide you with an upfront guaranteed estimate for your project.

We Serve Following Cities in Orange County, CA

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Frequently Asked Questions About Teak Restoration

For centuries, teak has been a highly prized wood material for building luxury furniture that resists environmental wear and tear. It’s a close-grained hardwood with high natural oil content, making it suitable for outdoor use in most parts of the world.

Yes. We encourage our clients to keep their teak furniture on display outside every season, especially with California’s beautiful weather. Of course, doing so will require more cleaning and maintenance, but we are happy to help with that.

Teak furniture and decks can easily last a lifetime - if they are properly cared for and maintained. That’s why we push our clients to use high-quality sealants, as well as proven refinishing tactics. Our goal is to extend the life of your teak elements through dedicated restoration and preservation services.

This is one of the top complaints we hear from Orange County teak furniture owners. Weather, as well as fluctuating humidity levels, can contribute to cracking. This is normal and can be repaired through reliable teak wood restoration services.

Teak furniture needs to be touched up and re-sealed every one to two years, depending on the level of exposure to outdoor elements. We recommend scheduling a regular maintenance appointment annually, as well as refinishing or restoration projects as needed.

Teak furniture can turn gray over time, but like other exotic wood, teak can be restored to its natural sheen and color with the proper care. We’re highly experienced at taking dull, weathered furniture and decks, then restoring them to their original appearance.

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