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Teak & Deck Professionals provides deck restoration in Orange County and throughout the Southern California area. If you would like to bring your weathered wood deck back to life, our deck maintenance professionals are ready for the job.

Sun, sea breezes and great outdoor living are three of the key reasons many people look to create stunning outdoor spaces in Orange County. Yet those same elements can wreak havoc on the wood used in patio furniture and other exterior construction. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing protections or repair old damage to outdoor spaces, you’ll want to know the keys to Orange County deck refinishing and deck restoration offered by Teak & Deck Professionals.

About Wood Deck Refinishing and Restoration in Orange County

The same sun that brings many people to this part of California can also wear away the protective coating on your outdoor spaces. In fact, even professional sealants cannot stand up to UV rays from the sun for more than a couple years, which is why hiring specialists in deck refinishing and deck sealing in Orange County proves to be so crucial. This is true regardless of the base material used, including Ipe, Redwood, Teak, Mahogany or Mangaris.

As the deck loses its protection, short- and long-term effects begin to happen. You may be able to see visual evidence of this after some time, while other types of damage may only be noticeable to experts. In either case, making sure that your deck is inspected and restored by someone with experience working with a variety of different woods in the various microclimates of Orange County can help ensure your investment is protected for years to come.

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Why is My Deck Starting to Look Dull?

Water is known as the universal solvent: given enough time, it will wear away even the most expensive deck sealants and leave your valuable construction open to the elements. When you add the constant sun beating down, it’s not surprising that Orange County deck refinishing experts say that grayish-black wood can happen relatively quickly. The process begins once the sun and moisture has worn down that protective coating. After that, the process includes:

• The cellulose or internal fibers of the wood beginning to break down;
• Graying or blackening of the deck wood as a result of the breakdown;
• Raising of the wood grain, creating a rough surface that can help capture debris from pollen to dirt and more; and
• Overall degrading of the surface and exposure to various elements

Once this happens, it does not matter what wood was used to construct your deck, whether hardy teak, reasonable redwood or the many other types of wood that can offer the colors and look that you want. It will begin to deteriorate and you need to consider the help of experts in Orange County deck restoration.

How Can I Restore My Deck’s Beauty?

Each of the steps that happen as your deck begins to dull need to be reversed with the proper supplies and techniques to ensure your investment reaches its full original beauty. So when considering deck restoration in Orange County, it’s helpful to imagine the layers that nature has added on top of your deck in order for experts to reach the original wood underneath.

The level of decay or erosion will help dictate which place you need to start. If you have just had a new deck built recently and are seeing blotches of discoloring, you may only need to consult with an Orange County deck refinishing expert about applying the proper sealer. While there are numerous products available at home improvement stores throughout California, most professional deck restoration teams do not use retail products as they find them unsuitable for long-term applications.

You may also need to consider the level of damage and graying that exists within your deck. If it has been some time since you had a chance to maintain it, then you are looking at a combination of power washing and potentially sanding or grinding certain areas. These are both labor-intensive and require special care to avoid damaging the deck surface or leaving it too thin in places. Doing it oneself is always an option, but any small mistakes could lead to issues with structural integrity or make it difficult to re-seal the entire structure following it.

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How Can I Protect and Maintain My Deck in Orange County?

If you have recently had your deck installed or have worked with experts in deck restoration in Orange County, you will still want to do occasional cleaning and inspection of your deck to catch early issues before they become large ones. Using a leaf blower or broom to clean away any dirt, fallen leaves or other debris to keep them from becoming embedded in the surface. The timing of this can vary, for example, if you live in Newport Beach with the salty air that can erode surfaces more quickly than in Irvine.

Most deck maintenance experts in Orange County and those that serve the surrounding area recommend a new coating of sealant every year to two years. This includes a special cleaning and re-applying of the sealant as well as any spotwork that could include minor sanding. If you are seeing weather damage or graying before then, even if you have a new deck, you may need to consider calling an expert to find out why.

Our Orange County Deck Restoration Process

This begins with cleaning using an environmentally-friendly solution to take off any debris from plants, animals or humans that have accumulated over time. By doing this, deck restoration teams can ensure that the surface is completely clean of anything that can affect the overall seal. At Teak & Deck Professionals, we hand-select each sealant that we use, even for otherwise new decks, based on the wood used in the construction as well as the climate issues that can affect longevity.

If there are issues that go deeper, our Orange County deck restoration team will also perform spot-sanding of problem areas before applying a sealant that works specifically with the wood used in your deck’s construction. They will help ensure that your deck is ready to shine and show off the hard work that you’ve invested in making it ready for your loved ones and visitors.

After that, we work with homeowners to ensure that they have the right maintenance plan and visits scheduled so that any larger issues are kept at bay and they can focus on the whole purpose of a deck: relaxation and resting. As noted above, the only real maintenance after that, except for occasional visits from our deck experts, is a brief cleaning with a leaf blower.

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