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Teak Restoration and Refinishing in Orange County

Teak & Deck Professionals has been proudly restoring teak furniture in Orange County and across the Southern California area for over 20 years. When it comes to transforming your outdoor teak furniture to like new, we’re your go-to team for all teak maintenance.

Teak is the wood of choice for quality outdoor furniture. This hardwood is remarkably resistant to the elements, including Orange County’s sunshine and salty coastal air. Still, teak needs help to keep looking its best. Doing some strategic maintenance, like teak-specific cleaning and sealing, protects this beautiful wooden furniture. Your investment will be a source of pride now and far into the future when it’s cared for well.

When it comes to beauty and brawn, teak stands alone because of its unique makeup. But, caring for it is also different from caring for other types of wood. We know that because Teak and Deck Professionals specializes in professional wood maintenance and teak refinishing in Orange County. We’ve finished more than 10,000 projects with teak, so you can be confident that we’ll take great care of your outdoor furniture.

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What is Teak Furniture Maintenance?

Some people like to let their teak furniture develop a silvery patina, which is the natural result of leaving it exposed to the elements. Others prefer the look of newer teak that has a warm, honey-brown hue. Both types of finishes benefit from teak furniture maintenance — even the gray “untreated” look needs some care to look elegant instead of neglected. Bare, untreated teak develops a raised grain that should be sanded to keep it in top form. If you choose us for your teak maintenance, we’ll check the furniture on a regular schedule to clean it and refresh it with a penetrating protective coating. If the wood needs a complete makeover, we can take care of that, too.

Teak Furniture Restoration in Orange County

Old teak furniture might start to look discolored, dirty and weather-beaten, but with the right techniques, it can be completely restored to its original state — or made even better! If you take a look at our before-and-after Orange County teak restoration photos, you can see how impressive the results are.

Teak has unique properties that make it challenging to restore. But, Teak and Deck Professionals has performed thousands of teak refinishing projects, so we have the craft of restoring teak furniture down to a science. We pride ourselves on beautifying high-quality furniture for our valued customers throughout Southern California.

Make Your Orange County Teak Furniture Look New Again!

Professional Teak Refinishing in Orange County

Teak and Deck Professionals can refinish wood furniture at your property or take it to our location. While every project is unique, a typical Orange County teak refinishing process involves the following steps:

• Stripping: The wood is stripped of any pre-existing applied sealants or oils with an environmentally friendly, teak-safe product.
• Cleaning: The wood is thoroughly but gently cleaned with tools and products that are safe for and specialized for teak.
• pH adjustment: A pH balancing product is applied to brighten the wood and prepare it for sealing.
• Sanding: The entire surface of the piece is sanded for a smooth, fresh surface.
• Sealing: A specialized teak-specific sealing product is brushed onto the piece. The number of coats and the amount of sanding required varies.

Protecting With Orange County Teak Sealing

The natural beauty of teak can be enhanced and preserved with the right protective sealer. We use teak sealing products that are compatible with the oily nature of teak. They’re also designed to supply the level of protection that the furniture needs in its particular environment. The tint of the sealer is customized to enhance the wood grain and keep the wood at the desired shade and sheen for maximum aesthetic appeal.

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With professional care, your cherished teak furniture will grow old gracefully. Whether you have brand-new pieces you want to preserve the best you can or an old damaged item that needs refinishing, Teak and Deck professionals can help with Orange County teak furniture restoration. Please call our Orange County phone number at (949) 353-5654 today for your free quote.