Teak Care For Business

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Teak care isn’t just for a home. More than a few businesses use teak as well, and their needs are much different than homeowners.

Professional Teak Cleaning in Orange County and Restaurants

What sort of businesses could use teak cleaning in Orange County? Outdoor establishments are the first type. Let’s say you have a marina restaurant with a gorgeous teak deck and matching furniture. As a business, you have a lot more traffic than a home with a patio would. Think about it. Here’s a math problem for you.

Teak cleaning

Let’s say you are open seven days a week. You have an average of twenty customers per day, from Monday through Thursday. In a month of 30 days, that alone would be 320 customers over a month. Now, let’s add in Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Unless the food’s terrible, most restaurants see way more foot traffic on weekends than they do on weekdays. Let’s give a conservative estimate of 60 customers on Friday, 80 on Saturday, and 40 on Sunday. That is an additional 720 customers per month, for a grand total of over a thousand people in and out your restaurant door, or more to the point, on the deck and furniture. That alone is enough to get a teak care company on the phone as soon as you can. However, there is an even more pronounced problem with that kind of use.

Teak Cleaning and Removing Stains

If everyone in the world was neat, there would be no need for teak cleaning. However, that’s not the world we live in. It all adds up. A wine spill here, a dish of spilled pasta there. Bit by bit, what was once a rich caramel deck and furniture starts to show its age quickly. If you call-in service, they can get the damage out fairly quickly and even seal your teak to prevent future stains.

So as you see, it isn’t just your home that can benefit from this sort of cleaning. A business can benefit from a teak cleaning service in Orange County as well.

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