Concrete Cleaning: Tips for Your Home or Business

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Stone and concrete cleaning is for an often overlooked component of your home or business, namely the hard surfaces on the outside. Concrete or stone surfaces have a very set method to be cleaned.  Let’s start with concrete.

Concrete Cleaning Methods

Concrete first must be cleaned with a high-pressure hose.  If there are more stubborn stains, it’s a good idea to either use a solvent as a de-greaser or make use of an acid-based cleaner.  Once the concrete is cleaned and free from dirt and grime, then it is time to think about concrete sealing.

Why seal your concrete?  Sealing concrete helps to keep it looking good by keeping out stains and dirt, and at the same time, it protects your concrete from the weather as well.  Sealing helps to make concrete waterproof as well as stainproof.

What Are the Options for Concrete Sealing?

There are many different options where concrete sealing is involved. . A high-quality sealer will make your concrete beautiful. We can also do concrete staining to change the color of your concrete.

If you wish to waterproof your concrete, go for a water sealer.  A water sealer protects your concrete.  Although a water sealer will not rejuvenate the appearance of your surface like a “Wet-Look Sealer” will, it will protect your surface from water damage, with no additional maintenance.

Wet-look sealer is designed to give the appearance of a glossy surface while at the same time protecting and rejuvenating the natural color of stone and concrete.  As to which one you should pick, your best bet is to consult with our concrete care team to see what look you want, and what we can deliver.  After that it is merely a matter of calling us in:  we are your concrete cleaning service in Carlsbad, CA.

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