Concrete Sealing and Staining Part 1: A New Look for Your Concrete

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Staining your concrete

Part one of a series on concrete cleaning focuses on concrete staining.

Why Should You Get Concrete Staining Done?

Get concrete cleaning done today

Get concrete cleaning done today

Why should you get concrete staining done?  Concrete staining can make your patio look like a million dollars, without the million-dollar price tag.  When you stain your concrete, you change its color and appearance of it.  There are two different types of stains, acid-based and paint-based.  The acid-based concrete stain has the advantage of being permanent, and will not wear off.  It also has very rich vibrant colors and a lovely variegated appearance.  Paint-based stain, however, allows you to change the color of your concrete later on.

Whichever type of concrete stain you’re looking at, after it is completed, you want to make sure that you seal your concrete, as we will cover in a later article.  However, for the moment, know that sealing your concrete helps to protect it.  Before you begin any staining project, however, make sure that your concrete has been professionally cleaned.

Get Concrete Cleaning Done Before You Stain It

As to why that’s simple.  You want your concrete surface to be completely free of dirt, particularly when you’re using an acid-based concrete stain.  Acid-based concrete stain works via a chemical reaction.  You don’t want a chemical reaction with some sort of contaminant like dirt.  You want your concrete to be stained effectively.

Good concrete cleaning involves a bit of elbow grease.  You don’t need to be gentle with your concrete, it’s one of the hardest substances around.  Rent a pressure washer, and use biodegradable and pH-neutral detergent to clean it.  You may also have to get down and scrub it with a brush.  If you want an easier solution, however, call in a professional concrete cleaning service.

This concludes part one of our series on concrete cleaning.  Be sure to read part two and part three as well.

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