Concrete Staining General Information

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Concrete staining is a popular and low-cost option for home remodeling. As discussed in earlier articles, there are two types of stain, reactive and non-reactive.  Both have pluses and minuses.

Reactive Concrete Staining

Reactive concrete staining relies on a chemical reaction when the acid and metallic salts are applied to the concrete.

Concrete acid stain | (800) 517-9362

Concrete acid stain | (800) 517-9362

An important thing to know is that if you use reactive stain, your color choice is permanent.  However, one of the other things is that if you pick the right color, you won’t want to remodel it later anyway.  Reactive color stains create a lovely variegated effect.

One of the other disadvantages to reactive color stain is that it is limited to roughly eight colors, some of which can be used both externally and internally, while others are for interior use only.  With acid-based stains, it’s normal to have huge differences in color.  Any surfaces that you put it on, will appear mottled, and the effect is more pronounced when you apply sealer to them.  With some acid stain colors,  it isn’t always ‘what you see is what you get.’  The color on the bottle may appear vastly different than the end result.  You may not even get the  true color for several hours. As it is permanent, don’t put the coat down on the whole surface.  Test it first on a small test area first.

Non-Reactive Concrete Staining

Nonreactive concrete stains have a larger color palette than acid stains and are easier to apply. They can also be changed later on if you wish to, however, they also do not produce the same variegated color effects that reactive stains provide, and the colors are opaque, not translucent.

Another thing to know is that no two floors will look the same, as there can be variations in the concrete depending on its age or any chemical residue.  However, because of this variance in color, you can have a stunning array of floor effects.

So before you go for it, call in a professional to consult with: someone who does concrete staining in La Jolla.

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