Concrete Staining

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Concrete staining gives your concrete a fresh new look.  Why do you want it?  It is a cheap way of remodeling that looks like you spent a lot of money on it…

Concrete Staining 101

Concrete acid stain

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What is concrete staining? There are generally two types of concrete stains out there – reactive and nonreactive. Reactive stains are water-based acidic solutions containing metallic salts.  Because of a chemical reaction with the lime that is present in concrete, it changes the color of the concrete.  Reactive stains are only for people who want a permanent look to their floor, because once the chemical reaction happens, the stain forms a permanent bond with the concrete and won’t come off.

Non-reactive concrete stains are water-based acrylic stain. Instead of a chemical reaction, they penetrate the concrete ‘s porous surface leaving the color in the pores. Because of their larger selection of colors, and because of how easy and safe they are to apply, nonreactive stains have gotten more popular in recent years.

However, it is important to know that while their color choices are more expansive, acrylic concrete stains don’t produce the same translucent color effects that acid stains do.

Important Caveats to Know with Concrete Staining

Whether you select acid based concrete stains or acrylic, each have important information to know.  First off, with acid-based stains, it is normal to have very different color variations, and these variations will be emphasized when the final coat of sealer is applied. Also the color in the tube is not necessarily what you will end up with. It’s a good idea to apply a small amount of the stain to a test area before you spread it all over the surface.

If you’re using acrylic based concrete stain, the color will be uniform all over, not variegated.  Newer concrete will have more intense color than older concrete.

Concrete staining is popular, and rightly so.  It gives your floor a new look and a lot of character.  Like all changes in life, be sure you know what you’re getting into.

So do your homework, figure out whether you want acrylic or acid-based, and the call in a professional concrete staining company.

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