Deck Restoration 101

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Get teak deak restoration in Orange County

Teak Deck Restoration in Orange County 

Deck restoration brings back the caramel color that teak is famous for. Such cleaning is usually a multi-step process that not only cleans and refurbishes the surface, it protects it.

Teak Deck Stripping and Cleaning

Teak deck restoration is usually begins with either cleaning with high pressure washing or with stripping the surface to prepare it.  The deciding factor is whether or not sealing is present.

If your teak is  is unsealed, a good teak cleaning will need to be done to remove any stains or discoloration, and using a teak-safe product.  it will need to be cleaned thoroughly with a product formulated to remove discoloration. Teak has a regrettable tendency to attract fungal spores as well as stains.  In addition as teak ages, it fades out to silvery gray.

Teak cleaning will rid the teak surface of its grayed appearance, any and all stains, and fungus growth. If your deck has been previously sealed with any stain or varnish, it will also be necessary to strip it.

Teak Deck Restoration Step Two:  Sanding and Sealing

After deck cleaning has been done,  it’s recommended to lightly sand your deck.  Any sealer that is applied to wood that hasn’t been sanded won’t penetrate or adhere to the wood surface sufficiently, which leads invariably to cracking, peeling, and fading.

After  deck restoration has been done so that the natural appearance has been restored, it’s time to for sealing.  Each type of wood requires specialized care.

Teak does well with a thin oil base.  Its best not to seal your teak with anything with a high oil content as teak is naturally oily already.  Redwood and cedar require usually a heavier oil based sealer.  Whatever the type of sealer that is applied it is usually is meant to both protect and beautify your wood.

Teak is not a cheap wood.  However, if you take care of it is also a durable wood.  Get deck restoration done on your older teak and bring back it’s natural beauty.

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