Extend The Service Lifespan Of Your Concrete Patio Through Cleaning And Sealing

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Walkout patio with concrete floor

In addition to the striking nature of decorative concrete, patios made from distinctive materials are versatile and ensure that your property looks different from your neighbor’s. Thanks to the recent advances in stamping tools and coloring techniques, poured-in-place concrete patios have become increasingly versatile. What’s more, a concrete patio doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, i.e., staining and resealing year after year. In fact, homeowners do not have to worry about issues like splintering, wood rot, and termite infestation.

Low Maintenance Doesn’t Mean No Maintenance

Compared to natural stone and individual masonry paving units, concrete is significantly easier to maintain due to its solid surface. There are no sand-filled joints between units that allow weeds and/or grass to sprout. Without individual pavers settling unevenly, there will be minimal or zero tripping hazards. It is widely agreed that longevity in home design is treasured by many. Although concrete is an ostensibly durable material – stronger than asphalt – it can still wear out or crack over time.

Fortunately, homeowners can delay these effects with a proper concrete patio maintenance schedule. It is important to clean your concrete surfaces on a regular basis and check if any area needs to be sealed (once every two or three years). In most cases, the frequency depends on how much exposure the concrete patio gets, e.g., moisture, foot traffic, or other cleaning chemicals. This way, your concrete surfaces can remain as vibrant as the day it was installed.

Do You have Plain Concrete or Stamped Concrete?


It is important to know which type of outdoor concrete was installed, as stamped and plain options have different maintenance requirements. Stamped concrete, for example, can be made to look like brick or stone pavers. Due to their different colors and details on the surface, color hardeners and sealants must be applied to preserve these details as well as a high-end look. Surprisingly, plain outdoor concrete patios have slightly higher maintenance requirements. These surfaces require a larger amount of sealer to achieve a uniform shine and may need to be replaced often.

Remember to Clean and Seal Your Concrete Patio


Natural processes such as erosion causes soil and water (with high mineral content) to wear away at your outdoor concrete. If you don’t keep these surfaces clean, holes may start to develop, and certain parts will crumble sooner than normal. Don’t worry; Teak & Deck Professionals can clean outdoor concrete, remove concrete stains, and apply the necessary coatings and sealing to protect your concrete patio against corrosive agents, water, and dirt. We ensure that your outdoor concrete patio is free of cracks and will not develop expensive problems several years down the road. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that we use eco-friendly and non-toxic outdoor concrete cleaning products for all jobs.

If you have more questions about our outdoor concrete cleaning and sealing services, feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives today. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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