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A dramatic and clean driveway is a stellar and easy way to give your home instant curb appeal. This homeowner was looking to sell their home and the driveway with its stains and dirt was not the best introduction to prospective home buyers. They called Teak and Deck Professionals and we were on the job that weekend. This driveway is a textured concrete surface and the years of grass and dirt falling onto it had resulted in a patchwork of ugly stains. There were only minor surface level oil stains to remove. Our Driveway cleaning team started with a high pressure wash. We use a powerful water pressure system combined with safe yet very effective cleansing solution. This initial pass removed 90% of the surface contaminants. We then applied special stain removers to deeper concrete stains and scrubbed them out. With a final pass of the pressure washer all stains, dirt and debris had been removed resulting in the stunning driveway you see above. Now clean and beautiful the homeowners had a successful Sunday open home!

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