Professional Deck Restoration Can Make An Old Deck Look New Again!

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Restored Redwood DeckWhen you first built your deck onto your home, you enjoyed the natural beauty of the golden wood and didn’t think much about deck restoration.   However, if you didn’t have it sealed when it was installed, about 9 months or so later, depending on what the weather was like, you probably noticed that it was no longer completely honey-colored. If you did have it sealed when it was installed, but haven’t re-sealed it over the years, you will have the same result. Instead, the wood will have begun to turn gray. If you understood that this would happen and prefer the aged look of the gray wood, then you simply need to begin maintaining your deck. Otherwise, you may be ready to consider professional deck restoration.

San Diego Deck Restoration

When a wooden deck is restored or refinished, the first step is to make sure that it is cleaned properly. If you had the deck sealed at some point, not only will the wood need to be cleaned but the old varnish or sealer will need to be stripped from the wood during the cleaning process. Professional deck restoration companies have the proper equipment and supplies to clean your wood deck without damaging it. If there is some discoloration or staining, that will need to be removed as well. Occasionally, the fungus will also begin to grow or mildew spots will appear. A professional deck restoration company will know exactly what must be done to eliminate stains and discoloration from all kinds of sources.

The next step in deck restoration after the thorough cleaning is light sanding. Without sanding, the sealer may not be able to penetrate the wood properly to provide the protection you are looking for. Without proper penetration by the new sealer, the wood can become discolored, and the sealer can crack and peel. That is why the old sealer had to be stripped off as well so that the new sealer would properly adhere to the wood. Another benefit of sanding is to restore the wood to its natural golden color.

The final step in deck restoration is to actually apply the sealer. Professionals understand the importance of using the correct sealer for each type of wood.  All wood types require their own unique type of wood sealer.   They will use a deck sealer that is suited to your wood and will help it regain and retain its beauty for many years to come. If you are thinking about having your deck refinished, it is a good idea to call a professional restoration company to do the work so that you are sure it is done right.

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