Sealing Outdoor Stone

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Concrete sealerMany people love the look of stone as part of their landscaping exterior home design but are not aware of the need for Sealing Outdoor Stone. Whether you use stones on the exterior of the house or for a patio or walkway, they can give a beautiful appearance to your home. However, weather can wear stone down over time and stains can appear or the stones’ colors may fade in some areas. The natural sand can wash away from between paving stones, and weeds and insects can find homes between them. This is why professionals recommend sealing the outdoor stone.



Benefits Of Sealing Outdoor Stone

Often, a water sealer that works from the inside out is used and protects the stone or other surfaces from damage that can be caused by water. This means that the stone will require little, if any, care to maintain its appearance. Some homeowners prefer a wet-look sealer that tends to rejuvenate the surface of the stone or concrete. This type of sealer provides a glossy surface, but also provides the same kind of protection that a regular water sealant can give. It can help to bring out the natural colors when sealing the outdoor stone.

Unless you have just barely installed the stones for your patio or path, they will probably require some serious cleaning before you get around to the step of Sealing Outdoor Stone. First, such things as moss, dirt, and even mildew will need to be removed before the stains can be looked at. This usually requires a high-pressure washing system. Different materials that have come in contact with the stones will leave different kinds of stains that will require specific cleaning solutions. Unfortunately, some of the best over-the-counter cleaners use acids, which can create vapors that are harmful to breathe or contain chemicals that could burn the skin. Even so, many of these types of products do not do a good enough
job to remove all of the stains. This is why hiring a professional company that has the equipment and knowledge to clean the stone is important.

Once it has been thoroughly cleaned, the professional company will be ready to begin sealing the outdoor stone with the sealer of your choice. You can go with the kind of sealer that simply seals the stone, or you can select a glossy sealer that restores the color of the stones. The professionals will know exactly how much to apply so that you don’t have future problems with blushing and peeling after sealing the outdoor stone. Finally, once the job is complete, you will want to do a little maintenance such as removing leaves and other debris and rinsing off the dirt.

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