Teak Care and Deck Maintenance Part 3

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Part three of a three-part series on teak care explores refinishing methods and when to do it.

Teak Refinishing:  When the Gray is In, Take it Out

As teak ages, it goes a silvery gray color.  Some people like it, but other people prefer teak’s natural caramel color.  However, aged teak is also more prone to other problems ultimately, like rotting, cracking, or warping.  That’s why you may want to get teak refinishing done.

Teak refinishing services offer different levels depending on the condition of the wood. As a rule, however, teak refinishing usually involves, the three S’s:  Sanding, Spraying, and Sealing:

Teak Care: Sanding, Spraying, and Sealing

This covers teak decks.  First off, in any teak maintenance project, the surface of the teak deck is rinsed clean with a high-pressure hose.  Once the teak surface completely and totally dries, then the deck is thoroughly sanded.  The residue sand is rinsed off and again it is allowed to dry.  Once it dries, then a penetrating sealer is applied.  Teak sealer is different than teak oil or varnish.  It helps to protect your teak but still allows the teak to keep its caramel color.   It also doesn’t cause residue to be left behind.

You should do teak cleaning once a quarter ideally.  Teak sealing on the other hand you want to space it out a bit.  Once a year is perfect.  The beauty of teak sealing, however, is that it can last for up to five years.  As for your teak, if you follow proper teak maintenance procedures, it can last for decades or even centuries.  That’s right, centuries.  There are teak buildings in Southeast Asia that are seven centuries or oven older.

You are probably like most people in that you want to make sure your hard-earned dough is going to the right place.  It is all about investment.  Your teak is an investment as is getting a teak maintenance service in San Diego to take care of it.

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