Teak & Deck Professionals Adds 1,000 Maintenance Customer

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Teak & Deck Professionals is proud to announce that we just added our 1,000th customer who trusts us with their ongoing outdoor maintenance!

Deck & Furniture Maintenance—A Growing Concern

Let’s face it—wood is not getting cheaper.  In fact, putting in a deck or purchasing quality teak furniture today represents a much larger investment than in the past.  There is no way that anyone would want to risk losing that investment when proper maintenance can help preserve their valuable deck or teak furniture for years to come!

This is one reason that we at Teak & Deck Professionals take our selection of deck sealers at https://teakanddeck.com/services/deck-sealing/ so seriously.  Our technicians choose the right products for every deck, no matter what type of wood you have, and apply it correctly and at the right time so that your deck is maintained to its highest quality.

For example, we have specific sealers for Ipe, Ironwood, Managaris, Teak, Redwood, Cedar and almost any other wood type. We can also offer sample choices upon request so that you can see exactly how your finished deck will look.  This is very important as some woods are made to appear at their best when weathered.

Teak maintenance at https://teakanddeck.com/services/maintaining-outdoor-teak-furniture/ is another important job that we take very seriously.  Teak furniture, if it is of good quality, is a lifetime investment and should last for years to come.  However, too many homeowners are finding that their teak furniture patio set is ruined after just a few years because of lack of proper maintenance and care.  At Teak & Deck Professionals, we offer you the very best in teak maintenance options so that you can maintain your teak furniture in exactly the condition you want, whether that is weathered and rugged or smooth and silky.

We Proudly Serve Southern California

With the recent addition of our 1,000th maintenance customer, we are happy to know that southern Californians are taking their deck and teak furniture maintenance seriously.  We always love to help our customers find the right maintenance schedules and solutions to their outdoor furniture needs and we offer the highest quality products and the most professional service to help them do so.

Contact us today at Teak & Deck Professionals.  We can handle your outdoor cleaning, restoration, and maintenance needs for all hardwood decks, teak furniture and even stone and concrete patio surfaces.



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