Teak & Deck Professionals Expands to Three Full-Time Crews to Meet Growing Demand

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Sometimes being too busy is a great thing!  At Teak & Deck Professionals, we recently expanded our personnel to three full-time crews to meet the growing demands of our customers.  As far as we are concerned, nothing is more important than making sure our customers have everything they need for quality teak restoration and maintenance, deck sealing and repair, and cleaning and sealing of other outdoor surfaces.

A Wide Range of Services Means More Commitment

As we expanded our range of services, it quickly became apparent that we were going to need more qualified technicians to meet the needs of our customers.  While we originally focused our efforts on providing the best deck sealers at https://teakanddeck.com/services/deck-sealing/ and teak maintenance at https://teakanddeck.com/services/maintaining-outdoor-teak-furniture/, we soon branched into other areas of service as our customers requested help.

For example, some customers do not have hardwood decks but instead have concrete or stone patios or pool aprons.  These customers often asked us if we could clean and seal these surfaces with the same attention to detail and quality that we have shown with our wood cleaning, sealing and restoration.  Of course, we wanted to say yes!  After some study of the various products on the market and a good bit of testing on our part in controlled environments, we decided on the cleaning methods and solutions as well as the sealers that we feel will give the best results.  We were all set to provide our customers with great concrete and stone cleaning and sealing services, but we realized that our personnel would soon be overwhelmed with customer orders!

The answer was obvious to us—we needed more people to help.  We have hired and trained an entirely new group of quality technicians who must pass rigorous standards in order to be employed with us.  The result is that we have a full crew who is ready and willing to work with you and enough technicians to go around for everyone.  We recently added our 1,000th maintenance customer and look forward to growing and expanding to encompass 2,000 maintenance customers in the future!

Call us at Teak & Deck Professionals with any outdoor maintenance questions.  We can help you keep all of your outdoor furniture and areas looking their best with our highly-qualified crews and our great products!


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