San Diego Teak Refinishing in the Summer Months

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This time of year is especially trying for San Diego Teak Refinishing. Why? With the season’s warmer temperatures, many customers of properly maintained teak will experience the unsightly appearance of naturally occurring teak oil on their wood surfaces. Naturally occurring teak oil (not the kind purchased at retail!) will make furniture look splotchy and can even cause drips onto cushions and patios. Not what most teak owners are looking for out of their beautiful teak furniture!

Teak Oil in San Diego Teak Refinishing

Example of Teak Oil Bleeding


Teak Oil & San Diego Teak Refinishing

So how does naturally occurring teak oil affect the natural beauty of well-cared-for teak furniture? During the warmer months, some teak furniture (less than 10%) will “bleed out” its own oil revealing an appearance as shown in the picture above.  Many people will assume this is their sealer washing off as we receive many calls with this exact description. Actually, the sealer is being over-taken by the internal teak oil. The proof is in the color of the teak oil as it is significantly darker than the overall tone of the sealed wood and in the light trails that the teak oil leaves in the sealed wood as it travels vertically down from where it started (usually a vertical edge of some sort).  No matter what is, it is certainly not the look you are going for. So what can be done?

Remedies for Teak Oil Drips

So what is a teak furniture owner to do? Well, fortunately, the natural teak oil itself is not difficult to clean from patios and cushions.  There are also a couple of tips we can recommend. First, if your teak does show a propensity to bleed its own natural teak oil during the warmer months, a simple change in sealer type could do wonders in helping to alleviate the unsightly appearance that the teak oil can leave behind. We have high-quality, penetrating, oil-based teak sealers that do a great job of masking any teak oil from appearing.  Second, light sanding and cleaning will lessen the impact of the teak oil and allow for a resealing of your furniture, yielding a like-new look. We offer San Diego Teak Refinishing fall maintenance visits just to deal with teak oil drippings and their impact on your furniture. If you have any questions at all about your particular teak pieces or how teak oil may impact them in the future, please give Teak & Deck Professionals a call at (760) 930-6060.

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