Case Studies

Hotel Furniture Maintenance

Hotels and Resorts are in the business of creating beautiful spaces for their guests to enjoy. The experience they create reflects on their brand and ultimately their revenue. This is why the condition and visual appeal of their furniture is so important in creating a professional and comfortable atmosphere. In this customer we routinely maintain all outdoor teak tables, bench seating, loungers and wood decks. This includes inspecting regularly, perform light sanding when necessary, applying a stain seal if additional protection and […]


Concrete Cleaning Project

Everyone has a little bit of concrete that has gone white, become stained or bleached out. Or perhaps your outdoor tile or slate become dull? The good news is that we can restore your concrete, tile or slate to like new condition quickly at an affordable price.
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Teak Chair Restoration and Sealing

Resort Hotels love to use teak for their patio and pool areas because it’s sturdy, durable and looks great… if it’s properly maintained. Teak and Deck Professionals works with a number of hotels and resorts to keep their teak looking and performing its best throughout the year. In this project we had a number of Teak Lounge chairs surrounding a large salt water pool. As an important consideration this pool was actively used throughout the day which meant the […]


Cedar Fence Restoration

Cedar Fences delivery a fantastic natural look to your backyard and provide much needed privacy. Unfortunately, Southern California also takes its toll with salty sea breezes, strong sunshine most of the year and yes even the occasional rainy season. This can fade your cedar wood, turn it dark and in some cases turn black which was the situation with this homeowners fence.

Our wood fence restoration experts performed a deep cleaning and after a thorough dry we refinished the wood to […]


Garage Door Restoration

Your garage door is one of the most dominant visual elements of your home’s curb appeal.  In this project we restored a set of gray and faded 3 car garage doors.  We started with the removal of the doors, then a thorough wood cleaning followed by detailed sanding to remove all dirt and stains. Lastly we applied a rich stain and seal to bring back the color and protect the surface from sun, dirt or rain. The results are as […]


Teak Table and Chair Restoration

Take a close look at this teak table and chair set and notice how many holes, nooks and intricate pieces there are? Restoring a beautiful teak table and chair set such as this takes a great deal of time, patience and expertise, all of which you will receive when you work with Teak and Deck Professionals. In this project we meticulously disassembled the table and chairs, fine sanded, cleaned and stained every millimeter of the wood. With the addition […]


Wood Deck Refinishing

A Teak Deck can be the highlight of any proud homeowners backyard.  In this deck restoration project we had a teak deck that had aged and had received sun damage with some dirt and moisture damage which dulled its color. Additionally the deck had become rough and a poor surface to walk on with bare feet. Not a great attribute for a pool deck.  We started out by stripping the deck’s wood so it was free from any previous sealers. […]


Concrete Driveway Cleaning

A dramatic and clean driveway is a stellar and easy way to give your home instant curb appeal. This homeowner was looking to sell their home and the driveway with its stains and dirt was not the best introduction to prospective home buyers. They called Teak and Deck Professionals and we were on the job that weekend. This driveway is a textured concrete surface and the years of grass and dirt falling onto it had resulted in a patchwork […]