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Excellent Deck Restoration Services in San Diego

You made your first investment when you chose to build a quality deck or buy a house with one included. Make sure that it lasts by investing in the proper deck restoration services in San Diego from qualified wood maintenance and refinishing experts.

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Deck Maintenance, Refinishing, Restoration & Sealing in San Diego

While your deck is not a living thing, it was built from living materials and as a result, it needs TLC from time to time. Trees have bark that protects them, whether they later form deck wood like Ipe, mahogany, redwood, or the many other materials commonly used. While that bark can be regenerated, that’s not the case outside your home as it becomes part of your living space. If you have had issues in the past or are worried about discoloring and other deck problems you can’t resolve, we recommend looking into quality, long-lasting deck restoration services in San Diego.


How Our San Diego Deck Restoration Services Work

Some companies use sealants and recommend cleaning instructions to ensure that the wood used retains its color like when it was first built. However, the beating sun, rain, salt in the air, and even accrued buildup can all lead to so-called “weathering”. This can mean discoloration, raised wood grain, or other instances that will require future cleaning or deck restoration in San Diego.

What you will need to ensure that your deck is ready for the next several years depends on its starting condition. For severely worn structures, you should consider working with a team that is knowledgeable of both the wood types and weather conditions commonly affecting deck maintenance in San Diego. They will be able to walk you through whether or not you can get by with special cleaning and re-sealing of your deck, or if you may also need spots to be carefully sanded during restoration.

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About San Diego

San Diego is a city in California that’s full of natural beauty. It is home to a wide range of small farms and is recognized as the U.S. county that produces the most avocados. While San Diego is a popular destination, many individuals have chosen to start a family or retire here.

Salt breezes or brilliant sunshine; the same reasons you love living here are the same reasons that deck restoration in San Diego can be critical to keeping your outdoor structures as vibrant as they were the first day that they were built.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to be home while we are working on your deck. In fact, many of our customers prefer to be away! All we need is access to a water source within 100 feet of your deck.

Depending on the time of year, our lead times vary from 1-6 weeks. We do our best to accommodate all scheduling requests and do our best to ensure that your work is completed on time.

We fully clean and brighten your deck to ensure that it is free of all previous sealers and stains as well as any airborne contaminants. Once it is fully dry, we are ready to seal!

We do not repair decks or fences and ask that you use a handyman or repair service to take care of those items before we refinish your deck or fence.

Our warranty is your satisfaction with our services. We cannot provide a time-based warranty with any of our outdoor refinishing and maintenance services as weather is completely variable and impossible to predict. We do know that our processes and materials are the best available.

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