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Excellent Teak Restoration and Maintenance Services in Santa Ana

Our teak and deck company is the finest choice in Santa Ana, with over 15 years of experience in teak restoration and maintenance. We offer affordable solutions to both residential and business clients, and we adhere to strict timelines for your benefit. Feel free to ask for testimonials from our many satisfied customers in the past.

We are confident in our abilities, so no matter what your teak looks like, let us help.

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Our teak and deck professionals have extensive experience cleaning, sealing, and restoring teak decks. We work with an assortment of wooden furnishings, walls, entryways, gazebos, and decks, so you can feel confident when we tackle any restoration project.

Get in touch with us today to bring your teak deck back to life. We’re here to make your deck and other wood furnishings shine.

Teak Services in Santa Ana

Our team is composed of exceptionally gifted experts when it comes to working with teak furniture and decks. We know how to bring back that characteristic sheen, as well as how to protect the teak from future weather-related damages. To help your furniture last for years to come, our staff utilizes high-quality sealants and cleaning products.


How Our Teak Restoration Services Work

Skilled teak furniture restoration can make old teak furniture look new again. A successful restoration project requires knowledge of the characteristics of teak; it’s a tight-grained wood with a high amount of oil and silica. Products and tools must be meticulously chosen for this expensive wood.

Customers can count on Teak and Deck Professionals for Santa Ana teak restoration because we’ve honed the process and know what to look for in every type of project. Also, sanding teak can be a challenge because the dust tends to be sticky and is a common allergen. We’re experienced in managing refinishing projects as well as the cleanup and aftercare of expensive teak furniture.

Here are some typical steps of our refinishing process:

Stripping: The wood is first stripped with an environmentally friendly, teak-safe product to remove any old sealants or oils.
Cleaning: Refinishing teak furniture starts with prepping the piece. If the item has been stained before, we’ll remove it. We’ll also clean the wood and make sure any mold or mildew is removed.
Sanding: Sanding wood helps it to look as like-new as possible. We choose different grades of sandpaper based on the condition of the wood. Sanding also helps to prep the teak for the next steps.
pH adjustment: We apply a pH-balancing product to brighten the wood and revive its appearance. This step opens the wood’s pores, which helps it to accept the new stain.
Sealing: The teak is treated with a sealant that helps protect the wood from UV rays, moisture, splashes, or spills. The sealer can have pigments to add a desired stain to the wood.
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Deck Services in Santa Ana

If your deck is worn out, allow our team to restore it to its original shine and color. We don’t just work with teak - we also work with many other kinds of wood, including mangaris, ipe, redwood, and others. We’ll help your deck recapture its unique, luxurious appearance, no matter its materials.

After the restoration, we’ll conduct routine maintenance to keep the deck in its best shape. Finally, we will seal your deck and give it a defensive covering that defends against damage.

How Our Deck Restoration Services Work

Some companies use sealants and recommend cleaning instructions to ensure that the wood used retains its color like when it was first built. However, the beating sun, rain, salt in the air, and even accrued buildup can all lead to so-called “weathering”. This can mean discoloration, raised wood grain, or other instances that will require future cleaning or deck restoration in Santa Ana.

What you will need to ensure that your deck is ready for the next several years depends on its starting condition. For severely worn structures, you should consider working with a team that is knowledgeable of both the wood types and weather conditions commonly affecting deck maintenance in Santa Ana. They will be able to walk you through whether or not you can get by with special cleaning and re-sealing of your deck, or if you may also need spots to be carefully sanded during restoration.

Hard Surface Services
in Santa Ana

Our teak experts can deal with pretty much any hard surface, including concrete, stone, and composite decking. With the right treatment methods, your hard surfaces will look better for many years to come. Our team also has insight into concrete staining, a great method for property owners who need to revamp their space without spending an exorbitant sum.

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Santa Ana is Spanish for Saint Anne and is a city in California’s Orange County. With a population of over 330,000, Santa Ana is one of the most populated cities in the county. It’s also home to the extremely popular Santa Ana Zoo and the Bowers Museum, the latter of which houses a massive repository of Native American Art. You will also find the Discovery Cube Orange County, a hands-on science museum for children.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Teak & Deck Professionals are ready to help you with regular maintenance for your outdoor deck, whether you choose teak, ipe, ironwood, managaris, redwood, or cedar for your decking material. We perform spot deck sanding after lightly cleaning the deck, then apply the right sealing methods to ensure that your wood is protected. We can offer you the best deck sealers available that will penetrate and protect your investment in your fine deck wood.

You can be assured that teak furniture is extremely durable and may well possibly be the last set of furniture you buy! That makes it a great investment for years to come. Regardless of what material it is made of, you will have to dedicate some time and effort to its care and maintenance.

Teak is an extremely popular choice for furniture and things around the house such as your decks and fences. Usually, the reason for staining fences is that it is starting to look faded and used after years of exposure to the outdoors. Re-staining your fence can be a tedious and cumbersome process to deal with yourself, so hiring a professional is a much better option.

Dryness of the winter (more specifically the sunniness!) that has the greatest impact on the duration of your current sealer’s protection. If you find that your teak furniture pieces or hardwood deck may be fading more quickly than you are accustomed to, our sunny winter may be the culprit. Luckily, a March maintenance service can both remedy this lighter look while readying yours outdoors for the coming season.

Teak is naturally oily. This oil that is present in teak allows it to be highly slip resistant. That’s why it is frequently used to make the decks of ships. If you add oil, it saturates the wood and collects dirt and grime. At that point, you’ll have to get a teak cleaning service in to clean it.

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