New Video of Deck Refinishing in San Diego

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Restored Redwood Deck Orange County Los AngelesDeck Refinishing in San Diego

Teak & Deck Professionals, a Southern California Deck Restoration company, just published a brief video showcasing examples of their amazing deck refinishing in San Diego. The video, only about 30 seconds in length, shows sets of before and after photos and gives contact info to the company’s website.  It can be found at  Many more picture are available at Teak & Deck Professional’s web site gallery of deck refinishing pictures.

Why Don’t More People Know About Deck Refinishing in San Diego?

Most consumers still are not aware of the radical transformations that a professional deck refinishing company can do. Old decks can be made to look brand new again and, with regular maintenance, all decks can look their best year-round. All types of decks can be refinished to look and feel like new again including redwood, ipe, mangaris, teak, cedar and more and it is actually more cost effective to maintain a deck annually than to fully restore it every three to four years.  But be careful, as different types of wood have much different needs when it comes to refinishing and maintenance.

Ipe, Mangaris and Teak decks are very dense and require special oils that are thin enough to fully penetrate the surface while still providing the protection that these wood types require. Redwood decks are prone to tanin stains and need to be treated with the proper brightener to avoid darkening and spotting. Cedar decks are very soft and have to be sanded with care and attention. Whatever your particular deck wood type, we have a customized restoration and maintenance plan developed from years of experience.

Contact Information for Deck Refinishing in San Diego

For more information, contact a knowledgeable  deck expert at 800-517-9362 or read a description of our deck refinishing processes here.  At Teak & Deck Professionals, we can help with a same-day estimate or give tips on how to save yourself time and effort if you decide to do things yourself.  Even if your backyard environment is set on concrete or stone, we offer cleaning and sealing services for those materials as well.  A little knowledge can go a long way so please take advantage of the information on our website.  Either way, we are here to help all deck owners get more enjoyment from their outdoor living environment!

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