Refinished Redwood Deck

Refinished Redwood Deck

As the seasons change, your redwood deck is exposed to a variety of elements and redwood deck refinishing is something you may want to consider.  When you want to enjoy your deck, you don’t want to worry about it being dirty or looking bad. If you want to be able to plan a party whenever the mood strikes you, you will want to evaluate your deck so that you can have it ready whenever you need it.   Perhaps it is time for redwood deck refinishing.

Professional Redwood Deck Refinishing Can Save You Time

Before you can actually do the redwood deck refinishing, you need to clean the deck.  Some people resort to a power washer to clean the deck, but the water is very powerful and may damage the wood.  Professional deck companies know exactly what needs to happen in order to not only clean the deck but also to preserve the wood.  Removing all of the furniture and other things that you normally keep on your deck is the first step to cleaning your deck.  Next, use a broom to sweep off any debris before you get down to serious cleaning.  You will need to clean with products that can remove discoloration such as stains, fungus, and even mold and mildew.

If you are planning to do this yourself, it is a good idea to talk to the professionals so that you know the right kinds of products to use. Some people recommend using a mixture of bleach and water, but you will want to check with your professional Redwood Deck Refinishing company to see whether or not that will allow the natural color of the redwood to come back in addition to killing the mold.  You will want to scrub gently but thoroughly, and may want to use different sizes of scrub brushes to help remove the dirt.  As you can see, this could be a very time consuming process, so instead of putting it off because it is a hard and dirty job, you may want to call in the professionals.

Professionals will also often recommend that after a deck has been thoroughly cleaned, that it be sanded lightly so that the new sealer can properly penetrate the redwood.  You may want to use a redwood stain to bring out more color before you have the deck sealed.  It is important to use high quality products that are durable and that will help to preserve the wood.  By working with professional Redwood Deck Refinishing companies, you can have your deck cleaned using the proper products and refinished beautifully.