Teak and Teak Sealing in Orange County Part 1: Teck Decks

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Part one of a series on teak sealing explores why you may want to consider sealing for a new deck.  One of the biggest reasons is simple.  Teak is not exactly inexpensive

Teak Sealing in Orange County:  What to Do With a New Deck

Get teak sealing in Orange County

Get teak sealing in Orange County

Ok, time for some kudos here. First off you live in Orange County, so good for you.  You’re living in one of the most highly desired pieces of real estate in California, much less the rest of the US.  And let’s say you’ve just installed a new teak deck.  Congratulations again! Teak is a beautiful addition to any Southern California home.  Yet, a lot of people don’t realize that teak has to be cared for, and one of the best ways is teak sealing in Orange County.

Teak is durable, beautiful, and elegant.  However, it also ages if not treated right.  It turns a grayish silver color.  That’s why if you have installed new teak, you want to seal it..   When should you seal a new teak deck? We recommend that you seal your teak within one to three months of installing it.

Why Sealing New Teak is Important

New teak starts to change from the moment it is exposed to the outside air.  That’s why you want to think about teak sealing within the first year of installing it, usually at the 1-3 month mark.  You want to call a teak refinishing service in the Orange County area  for recommendations on what teak sealer to use.  There are a lot of varnishes and products on the market.  You want to make sure that whatever you use, it is specially formulated for teak as opposed to a general wood sealer or water-proofing product.

As to why, that’s easy.  Teak is a very oily wood.  A lot of varnishes are made of guess what?  Oil. So without a specially formulated sealer, it may not work at all, or even worse yet, damage the teak.  So remember, teak sealing is important, but you have to know what you’re working with at all times.

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