Teak and Teak Sealing in Orange County Part 3: After Refinishing

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Part three of our series on teak sealing in Orange County explores sealing teak after a refinishing job is done.

Why You Should Do Teak Sealing as Part of a Teak Refinishing Project

teak refnishing in Orange County

Get teak refinishing in Orange County

As a professional teak refinishing service, we do not believe that any teak refinishing project is complete without sealing. Whenever you refinish teak, you want to keep that look as long as you can, otherwise it can start to gray.  We’re past the June Gloom here in Orange County, but the Santa Ana winds are starting up, and the winter weather can be a bit extreme even here.

Sealing your teak  helps to keep your teak looking as if you just refinished it between visits.    As to how often you should seal it, a good rule of thumb is every time you arrange for teak refinishing.  Sealing is an important way of keeping your teak at it’s peak appearance year round.

Orange County and Teak Sealing

Orange County has a lovely Mediterranean climate with a relatively mild range of temperatures, however we do have weather that can cause problems.  We recommend that you keep your teak stored away and covered when not in use to avoid particles and grit from damaging your teak.  That way it helps your dollar stretch a little further.  As to what weather we’re talking about it boils down to three things:  sun, rain, and wind.  The sun can damage teak and start graying it, and the wind can carry small pieces of grit or sand as well as pollution particulates.  Teak, while water-resistant is still wood, and it can warp and crack when exposed to unnecessary moisture.

Your teak is a part of  your home.  When you refinish your teak, why not wrap it  up with professional teak sealing in Orange County.

This concludes part three of our series on teak sealing in Orange County.  Be sure to read part one and part two of this series as well.

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