Teak Deck Restoration in Orange County

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Teak deck restoration is necessary periodically.  While Orange County doesn’t have an extreme environment as a rule, it does have certain weather patterns that can have a negative impact on your teak.

Teak Restoration: What It Entails

Teak deck restoration involves cleaning and/or stripping the surface. If the teak on your deck is unsealed, it will need to be cleaned thoroughly to remove discoloration.

While teak cleaning will rid the teak surface of any residual grit or dirt,  refinishing will take out any graying.  If your deck has been previously sealed with a varnish or stain, stripping will also be needed. In conjunction,  they will take out stains as well as any fungal growth.   Southern California has a very moist climate, and in June, for example, there is high humidity.  As the temperature can fluctuate between the 60’s to 100 degrees, it can be a perfect environment for mildew, and fungus to grow on your deck.  You want all of this removed first.

Teak Sanding: How it Works with Teak Sealing

After deck cleaning, a light teak sanding is recommended. Unsanded wood will prevent the new sealer from adhering or penetrating properly. This can lead to premature color fading, cracking and peeling.  As to why sanding helps, it gives a bit of texture fore the sealant to soak into.

After you have refinished your teak back  to its natural appearance it will be ready to accept a protective sealer.  You want to make sure that any sealant that is put on your deck is carefully formulated just for teak, as there is some sealant that is on the market that is for different woods.

As a rule, restoration is not something that you will have to do very often.  When it is time, then you want to call in a professional teak restoration service in Orange County.

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