Teak Refinishing Around the World

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Yes, it’s beautiful, but did you notice it needs teak refinishing?

Teak Refnishing

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Even in paradise, there’s a need for teak refinishing. Notice how gray it is?  That’s weathered teak showing.

Teak Refinishing: Take the Gray Out

Teak refinishing restores gray wood like above back to the rich caramel brown color that teak is famous for. Taking care of your teak helps it to last a long time.

Even teak that hasn’t had teak restoration done on it can last a long time. Centuries in fact.

Proper teak care is about cleaning and refinishing, as well as upkeep. Teak is something that is fairly low upkeep, but a bit of teak maintenance is necessary

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Teak & Deck Professionals is a teak restoration company serving Orange County and Southern California.

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