Teak Refinishing in Orange County, CA

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Teak refinishing in the coastal desert climate that is in Orange County helps your teak to keep it’s appearance up.  Orange county is blessed with an ideal climate.  Cooled by breezes from the Pacific Ocean, the temperatures stay in a comfortable range all year round.

As it has an ideal climate for being outdoors, California casual parties are very big, and teak furniture is very weather resistant.  However, since it is a wood, it must be properly cared for, or it will turn from golden caramel to silver, which doesn’t seem to work well with the earth tone decorating so popular in Orange County.

Teak refinishing usually involves gently sanding the furniture or decking, removing any residue, and then treating the teak to bring out the caramel color again.  Usually once a year is enough to keep up your teak, however, be sure to consult with your teak restoration company to make sure that additional steps aren’t necessary.

Above all else, remember that teak is surprisingly durable.  It will probably be something you leave to your kids and to their kids.  The caveat is that you take care of it of course, and one of the best ways is to call in a teak care service.

Teak adds ambiance to any outdoor get-together, whether a cocktail party, or a barbeque, and its caramel hue is a warm homey touch that adds to any decor from a ranch home to a Santa Barbara Spanish residence.  It is water resistant, and weather resistant, and if sealed properly, even stain resistant.  Which is a bonus particularly for those family members who seem to target red wine at your furniture.

The most important thing you can do is to call in a company to take care of your teak, and a company specializing in teak refinishing in Orange County should be one of the contacts you’ll need for your home. So give us a call at (800) 517-9362 and let us bring back your teak to its former beauty.

Teak and Deck is a teak restoration company servicing Orange County.  Give us a call at (800) 517-9362.

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