Teak Refinishing in Orange County, CA

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Teak Refinishing Rancho Santa FeTeak refinishing in Orange County is one of our many areas of specialty.  Orange County has over 30 incorporated cities and is one of the most populous counties in the US.  The reason for this is the nearly idyllic weather that Southern California offers. One of the best ways to enjoy the famous California sunshine is on beautifully maintained teak furniture.

The Reasons For Teak Refinishing in Orange County

Teak is beautiful, with a rich reddish brown color.  However, without teak refinishing, teak wood can age so that it is a silver color that doesn’t go with a lot of architectural styles and color schemes common to Orange County and Southern California as a whole. There is nothing more jarring than seeing beautiful golden tones and rich russet red clashing with gray.

What is so special about getting teak refinishing in Orange County done?  First, you want to deal with someone based  in Southern California that can easily return to your home for future maintenance or touch-ups. Some teak refinishing companies that claim to service the Orange County area are based as far away as Santa Cruz. Sounds like a long way to go for service!

Why Go To Us For Teak Refinishing in Orange County?

Given our familiarity with teak wood and its care, Teak & Deck Professionals stands ready and able to meet your request. We turn gray, weathered teak into beautiful like-new pieces that will brighten your yard while instilling a new found pride in your outdoors. Most of our work is done on-site meaning you get your newly restored pieces placed in their original locations dry and ready to use the very next day.

We have over 850 customers who use us each and every year for maintaining their teak furniture and we are gaining new customers each week. Teak refinishing and restoration is our top level specialty.  So give us a call or drop us a note to let us know what we can help you with!

Teak Restoration in Orange County

Serving the residents of  Laguna Beach and all of Orange County for the past 13 years, Teak & Deck Professionals is the clear choice for refinishing your fine teak furniture pieces. We can handle any and all teak restoration challenges with the ability to maintain your teak furniture and deck for years to come. Give us a call at 800-517-9362 and see how easy we are to work with!

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