Maintaining Teak Furniture

Maintained Teak Furniture San DiegoWhen you purchase quality outdoor teak furniture, you are getting wood that is beautiful and durable, but you should consider the steps in maintaining teak furniture as well. Teak has natural oils that helped it survive in the rainforest which help make it resistant to rot, insects, and weather. Because you might spend a little more money on teak than you would on redwood, oak, or cedar, you need to know how to approach maintaining teak furniture so that it will retain its beauty and last for many years.

Maintaining Teak Furniture Extends Its Life

One of the things you can do to prolong the life of your beautiful teak furniture it to keep it clean. One key to Maintaining Teak Furniture is to use a mild, non-toxic soap and a soft bristle brush. Using a power sprayer or washer to clean outdoor furniture is not a good idea because it can damage the wood. For a proper and safe approach to maintaining teak furniture, you may want to consult with a local company that does teak restoration or sealing for the best products and processes to use.

When teak furniture is new, it is usually a golden honey or amber color, and many people want it to stay
that way. However, as teak ages and particularly as it is exposed to the elements, it turns a silvery gray
color. This does not affect the strength or durability of the wood, and many people like the look of aged
teak. However, if you want your teak  furniture to retain its golden touch, you will want to have a professional use the right kind of sealer when Maintaining Teak Furniture. There are many different kinds of sealers that use different bases, such as oils, and professionals know exactly what is right for each different type of teak wood. Having a professional use a sealer that is designed for teak is an excellent way to reduce your amount of time between maintaining your teak furniture.

By keeping the wood sealed and cleaning it on a regular basis, it will take longer for the wood to age.
However, if your wood has already begun to go gray, you may want professional refinishing services to
get it back to its original color before you have it sealed. This will often include sanding the furniture
with fine grit sandpaper and may include adding teak oil to the wood for a period of time before it is

By understanding that you or a professional can use quality products to keep your teak furniture clean
and sealed for protection from the elements, you will be able to help your furniture retain its strength
and maintain its smooth finish and beautiful color. This will help it to last longer than if you didn’t take
care of it properly and will keep it looking its best year-round.

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