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Teak Furniture or Wood Furniture Refinishing Services

Furniture Refinishing

We at Teak & Deck Professionals are specialists in restoring, protecting and beautifying ALL the teak and wood throughout the exterior of your home or business. With over 15 years of experience, thousands of successful and satisfied customers Teak & Deck Professionals is the company you can trust for expert care and service.

We provide teak services in all of Southern California including San Diego County, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

Although Teak Wood and Teak Furniture are a central part of our service, we are also specialists in all types of wood restoration, refinishing and protection.  If you have any type of wood outside of your home and want it to look like new and last longer Teak & Deck Professionals is the exact company you need.

Restoring Teak Furniture Services

When your outdoor furniture has grayed our teak services can restore it like new and protect from future damage. Refinishing weathered teak furniture successfully requires an understanding of the type of wood you have, process and products. The nature of the existing damage is an important factor that provides us with the course of action to prepare, sand and seal it revealing the natural beauty of your wood. Teak & Deck Professionals has restored thousands of pieces of fine teak furniture with our professional teak restoration. Our experience translates into a proven process, proper selection of technique and wood sealers that collectively mean professional results for you!

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Outdoor Teak Maintenance Services

You have invested in beautiful outdoor teak or wood furniture, we can ensure you protect that investment with regular maintenance services. When we properly treat your teak furniture with the proper and highest quality cleaners and sealers your furniture can last a lifetime. Not only will you enjoy having your furniture always looking like new, but you can also take pause knowing that purchasing furniture that lasts a lifetime is an environmentally-friendly choice.

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Sealing New Teak Furniture Services

New teak should be cared for properly as soon as you get it home so that you stop any potential weathering and damage to the wood. Typically your teak will be reviewed for any existing defects, then smoothed and prepped for an application of the highest quality sealers. Teak is special, and the process, as well as the products used to seal it, MUST be selected with absolute care and precision. This level of care only comes from those who are experienced in working with teak and wood in general. Our Teak Sealing services save you money over the long run and keep your wood looking like new year after year.

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Teak Furniture Sealers, Proper Selection and Application

Selecting the proper teak sealer takes a great more care than one may expect at first glance. People love Teak wood because of its unusually rich colors, wood grain, and solid feel.  Even still, no two pieces of Teak are exactly alike and we know you have preferences in the color you would like to bring out in your wood.  Teak & Deck Professionals takes your specific type of wood, grain patterns, and your desired wood color into account when making the right selection of a teak sealer.  Don’t seal in the bad with the wrong sealer, let Teak & Deck Professionals’ services custom match the wood sealer to your needs and let the beauty come out.

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