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At Teak & Deck Professionals, we offer reliable cleaning and restoration services of teak furniture, decks, and hard surfaces. Our team is made up of experienced specialists who are proficient in everything related to restoration to ensure we get the job done efficiently as per schedule. For professional teak and deck cleaning and restoration services, our team always delivers excellent results.

About Beverly Hills, CA

Beverly Hills is located right in the heart of Los Angeles County of California, United States. The city is surrounded by Los Angeles and West Hollywood cities and it has been home to 34,109 residents as per records in 2019. It also houses several luxury hotels, as well as the shopping district, Rodeo Drive.

Teak Services in Beverly Hills, CA

When you work with Teak & Deck Professionals, rest assured that you are working with a team of restoration experts for your teak furniture. We have worked on countless restoration projects since more than a decade ago and the experience has furnished us with the right skills and knowledge to take on any assignment with ease. The solutions that we use have been proven to be effective and safe for your teak furniture so have peace of mind leaving your assets to us. Regardless of the condition of your teak furniture, our restoration experts can get it back in shape.

Deck Services in Beverly Hills, CA

Decks play a vital role in creating a space for our family and friends to spend quality time together and perform bonding activities. Without proper maintenance, this special area may spoil the day due to it looking aged and weathered. Teak & Deck Professionals offers exceptional restoration services that will allow your deck to regain its natural shine. The solutions that we use are gentle yet highly effective to ensure we do not further worsen the condition of your deck. The process that we apply will ensure you and your loved ones will get to enjoy your deck for an extended period of time. For regular servicing, check out the attractive packages that we offer.

Hard Surface Services in Beverly Hills, CA

There is a variety of hard surfaces that needs just as much maintenance. Without proper care, the hard surfaces may look dull and lifeless which will strip your home of its natural charm. Teak & Deck Professionals specializes in hard surface restoration and staining which can help create a pleasant atmosphere that is bound to keep your spirits high.

Choose Teak & Deck Professionals for Excellent Teak Restoration and Maintenance Services in Beverly Hills, CA

We have been serving residents and businesses in Beverly Hills for over a decade now and past reviews show our dedication to delivering excellent results and full satisfaction. We offer attractive deals for our clients without compromising on quality or service. This is our main objective of our company which we have been staying true to since the very beginning.

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