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Teak & Deck Professionals provides deck restoration in Los Angeles and throughout the Southern California area. If you’re looking to have your deck sparkling like new again, our professionals are here to provide the best deck maintenance services.

Whether you and a loved one enjoy being outside or you have thousands of people in foot traffic on outdoor surfaces at one of your locations, Teak & Deck Professionals understands that deck sealing in Los Angeles, as well as restoration and maintenance, are critical to maximizing the lifetime of your outdoor woodwork. You may have just had a new project at your property or are looking to restore the past shine in an aging deck. Either way, we’re ready to help at every stage of the process.

About Wood Deck Refinishing and Restoration in Los Angeles

Wood isn’t a living thing, but that doesn’t mean that deck maintenance in Los Angeles doesn’t look like a slower version of taking care of one. In fact, the team at Teak & Deck Professionals understands that from sanding to cleaning and sealing, proper care and maintenance on a regular basis is the only way to ensure that your investment retains its original looks and serves loved ones or customers for years at a time. Weather and general use can take their toll and figuring out where to start when it comes to deck restoration in Los Angeles or another step can be difficult on one’s own.

Why is My Deck Starting to Look Dull?

Decks are designed to be long-lasting, but care and maintenance are a key requirement. If you haven’t been able to keep up with clearing away debris, it can help speed up the process of the sealant’s decay. In fact, thanks to the consistent sun and also the occasional storms, experts in deck restoration in Los Angeles note that you will likely still start to see occasional wear and tear with your deck. At Teak & Deck Professionals, we commonly see wood go through the following stages of deterioration:

• The sealant starts to wear away. This can be difficult to tell depending on whether the underlying wood is ipe, mahogany or another variant but there might be less luster as you look out at your deck.
• You may begin to see greying patches in the wood. In this case, the cellulose, the structure of the wood’s interior, begins to break down. Once it does, certain portions of your deck may appear to lose their color, especially cedar or other redwood options.
• It’s also possible that the grain of the wood will begin to rise. You can always see the grain of the wood in your deck, but running your hand over it will demonstrate the bumps and grooves that otherwise should be unnoticeable.

Each of these represents a warning to owners: your deck is beginning to feel the effects of the weather and without the proper care, could lead to further deterioration requiring more expensive repairs or worse.

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How Can I Restore My Deck’s Beauty?

While it is possible to do similar work to professionals who offer deck restoration in Los Angeles, you may not have access to the same materials. Whether you work with a team or try to do it yourself, you will want to start by cleaning the surface of any debris, from dead insects to dirt to old leaves. As these decay, the chemical processes can affect the sealant used to protect the wood, so minimizing this impact can help a great deal.

The next stage after cleaning is to choose the right sealant for your needs. This is dependent not just on what kind of wood is used in your deck, but also in which part of Los Angeles you live. The closer you get to the foothills, the less you have to worry about salt air degrading the sealant more rapidly than a sealant’s manufacturer suggests.

For those who are looking for more intensive care, you may want to consider working with deck restoration experts in Los Angeles with the experience of working with different kinds of exotic woods in this environment.

How Can I Protect and Maintain My Deck in Los Angeles?

The best way to protect your investment is to establish a routine that includes a leaf blower and moving furniture around occasionally to prevent wear in certain spots. Make sure that you take the time to look for graying areas or raised wood grain that could be a sign of a larger problem. The time frame varies depending on where you live in the city as well as what hardwood was used.

However, in many cases, you will need to take the time to apply sealant, carefully ensuring that there are no gaps in the coating, about every year to two years. This would follow any cleaning and sanding down of surfaces that need it. It’s one reason that thousands of customers have worked with our team on deck restoration and deck maintenance in Los Angeles.

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Our Los Angeles Deck Restoration Process

We have a combined decades’ worth of experience working to preserve refinish and even offer deck restoration services in Los Angeles. We have the right tools to clean surfaces, repair any minor to moderate damage and then apply the right sealants to provide an even coating and long-lasting protection.

Even new decks may need an improved sealant, depending on the preferences of the installer. Our experienced deck refinishing team in Los Angeles can review the materials like Ipe or mahogany and choose the coating that matches your wood, among options unavailable at your local home improvement store.

The process of deck restoration in Los Angeles can be much more in-depth, of course. Our Teak & Deck Professionals will examine your surface for any greying areas or surfaces that may be in need of sanding. By only focusing on the sections of the deck that are in true need of care, we are able to preserve as much of the original material as possible.

That follows the same careful cleaning process that will take away years of grime, whether it’s dead leaves, dirt or just the buildup from friends and loved ones using the surface to enjoy themselves. We can carefully remove stuck-on buildup that can prevent a complete seal.

Deck maintenance in Los Angeles is a long-term project. We’ll outline with you the best ways to keep your deck in tip-top shape and schedule future appointments for any cleaning, re-sealing or other refinishing needs that you may have.

Exotic Deck Woods We Help Maintain

The majority of decks use pressure-treated lumber, cedar or composites and that makes perfect sense. However, people who are considering deck restoration in Los Angeles may have opted for premium woods. We have experience working with a variety of tropical woods. These have the added benefit of having standout resiliency, interesting patterns and more. However, while they can last longer, they are also just as likely to need deck maintenance in Los Angeles and anywhere they end up being used. Some of the exotic woods that we help refinish and restore at Teak & Deck Professionals include:

Mahogany – Mahogany and cambara are used for their reddish-brown coloring and relative affordability compared to some of their more exotic counterparts. At the same time, it is less dense and therefore can be prone to graying more quickly than some of the other alternatives on this list, requiring more frequent deck restoration in Los Angeles.

Teak and Cumaru – Teak has been used for centuries as decking on ships and in a variety of marine environments. So it makes perfect sense as a base material for outdoor use. We work with both teak and cumaru, also known as Brazilian teak. Depending on the conditions, you may see issues regarding stability and shrinkage that could affect your need for deck sealing in Los Angeles.

Ipe Ipe is third on this list but number one on the lists of hardiest decking materials in California. It’s one of the hardest woods on offer and does not have the same issues regarding kiln-drying as other types of wood. However, while it’s a great starting point, it can still be damaged over time and require sealing if not regularly maintained.

Other options are certainly available, like tigerwood, garapa and more. We use sealants based on the specific type of wood at your property whenever we are working on projects for deck restoration in Los Angeles. In addition, Teak & Deck Professionals uses custom cleaning solutions and can help create a maintenance schedule based on your deck’s wear patterns and construction.

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