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Teak & Deck Professionals take care of outdoor decks and teak wood furniture through careful expertise and in-depth industry knowledge. Our team of restoration experts possesses years of field experience to easily handle the intricacies of working with a wide range of wood types. For professional wood refinishing, restoration, and protection, work with Teak & Deck Professionals today.


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Del Mar is a beach city that is situated in the heart of San Diego County in California, United States. The incorporation of Del Mar took place in 1959 and its name translates to “by the sea” in Spanish. This term reflects the coast of the Pacific Ocean where this beach city is located.

Teak Services in Del Mar

Teak wood furniture makes up part of our core business at Teak & Deck Professionals. Our restoration experts specialize in refinishing, restoration, and protection of any type of wood which are highly essential processes that help to promote lasting durability. The services we provide for teak wood furniture can transform all woods to look like new again. If you are looking to preserve your investment, Teak & Deck Professionals is the company to seek.

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Deck Services in Del Mar

Our team has the necessary skills and resources to tackle outdoor decks that have weathered due to constant exposure to outdoor elements. Our refinishing skills are top-notch to provide the proper processes that can get your deck back into its original condition. We have had years of prior experience working on different types of wood for prepping, sanding, and sealing. The woods include Mangaris, Ipe, Redwood, teak, and more. We also provide a follow-up service which consists of regular maintenance to keep your deck in tip-top condition for much longer. This will enable you to save on a lot of costs to have your weathered deck worked on by professionals.

Hard Surface Services
in Del Mar

Homeowners may not notice their hard surfaces as much as they do with their concrete, stone, and composite decks. With poor maintenance, your outdoor hard surfaces may look dull which creates a lifeless outlook. To increase your curb appeal, let our experts at Teak & Deck Professionals work on your hard surfaces through professional cleaning techniques. For homeowners who want a completely different outlook, we can stain their hard surfaces which are much more cost-effective and less time-consuming as compared to hacking and replacement.

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Choose Teak & Deck Professionals for Excellent Teak Restoration and Maintenance Services in Del Mar

With well over 15 years of industry experience, our restoration experts at Teak & Deck Professionals offer top-notch service that assures prolonged durability. Our main aim is to let our customers enjoy their teak furniture and decks for an extended period of time so as to get the most value out of their investment. To date, we have hundreds of satisfied clients and we look forward to transforming your property.

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