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At Teak & Deck Professionals, we are a group of professionals who are extremely skilled and knowledgeable in the fields of restoring, refinishing, and enhancing teak wood furniture. We provide specialized services to both residential and commercial property owners, with our 15 years’ worth of industry experience. Thus far, we have received hundreds of great feedback from pleased customers who exclusively use our firm to refinish, restore and maintain their teak furniture, wooden decks, and hard surfaces.

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Solana Beach

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Solana Beach is situated within the county of San Diego in California. The coastal city has had approximately 13,296 residents as of 2019 which reflected a slight increase since its 2010 records. The residents live across a total of 3.6 square miles of surface area.

Teak Services in Solana Beach

To restore greyed outdoor furniture, extensive knowledge is needed which our restoration experts possess. We feel that it is critical to shield teak against future damage with the support of specialized processes that include sanding and sealing. Our skilled professionals can apply their knowledge to rightfully select suitable products like sealants and apply the right techniques. These processes are bound to provide remarkable results for our clients. Our teak refinishing and restoration services save our clients a lot of money in the long term by keeping their wood furniture and deck staying in tip-top condition even after years of outdoor exposure.


Deck Services in Solana Beach

The same degree of knowledge is required for proper deck restoration and maintenance. This comes with years of experience which our team of restoration experts has gone through. We have managed to hone their skills in these areas over the years, allowing them to handle any task effortlessly. We work carefully with each customer to derive the necessary steps needed to meet their specific needs. The superior craftsmanship provided by our team of specialists can most certainly extend the lifespan of decks that may be enjoyed for an extended period of time.

Hard Surface Services in Solana Beach

One of our areas of expertise is the maintenance of outdoor hard surfaces. We have had more than 15 years of experience and we are qualified to treat your hard surfaces professionally. Our restoration experts handle each project with pride and deliver specialized processes to help you maintain a tip-top condition in your composite decks, concrete, and stone surfaces. Our hard surface maintenance services consist of scheduled cleaning to remove various external contaminants like food spills, grease stains, and more. This is to allow your hard surfaces to remain appealing at all times.

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Our clients’ demands are our main focus at Teak & Deck Professionals. We consult each client closely to understand their needs and expectations in order to pick the best approaches and resources for each of their projects. Have confidence in our services, knowing that our team at Teak & Deck Professionals can produce excellent results that highlight the original luster of your furniture, deck, and hard surface that you will get to continue enjoying for a lifetime. Our efficient team is known to strictly adhere to deadlines to allow you to settle down as soon as possible.

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