Caring for Teak Furniture in the Wintertime in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles

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Refinished teak furniturecaring for teak furniture is Misunderstood

This time of year we are bombarded with questions regarding caring for teak furniture during the winter months in Southern California.  One of the biggest misconceptions regarding teak furniture is that our relatively rainy Southern California winters can cause damage to outdoor teak furniture.  While any teak left unprotected can be damaged by any element, the sun, not water, is our main enemy for caring for teak furniture in our climate here in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles.

So How Should You Care For Your Teak Furniture in the Winter Months?

Wintertime is a great time to have your teak furniture professionally maintained for the upcoming year. While most people think they should wait until spring to have their teak furniture cleaned and re-sealed, the winter months are actually a better choice. With the right weather condition, your teak furniture will accept a new sealer better in the winter than any other time of year. Also, if you do choose the wintertime for annual maintenance, your teak pieces will maintain their color for the better part of your heavy outdoor season. Lastly, most people don’t utilize their teak heavily in the winter so there is no inconvenience if you take care of maintenance during these months.

Caring for Teak Furniture – Choices

So what can you do? Well, you can either clean, sand, and seal your pieces using your own time, materials and energy or trust the work of a trained professional who only deals in cleaning outdoor teak furniture.  At Teak & Deck Professionals, we pride ourselves on our ability to consistently maintain teak furniture for more than 750 customers across all of Southern California.  Give us a call so we can discuss your specifics with us and so that we can provide a free, no-risk estimate right over the phone. At a minimum, you’ll learn something about teak care that you didn’t previously know by speaking with our trained and experienced staff.

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