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Cedar Fences delivery a fantastic natural look to your backyard and provide much needed privacy. Unfortunately, Southern California also takes its toll with salty sea breezes, strong sunshine most of the year and yes even the occasional rainy season. This can fade your cedar wood, turn it dark and in some cases turn black which was the situation with this homeowners fence.

Our wood fence restoration experts performed a deep cleaning and after a thorough dry we refinished the wood to remove burs,  mold and any dark spots. We then stained the wood to restore it to its natural luster and finished it off with a final protective seal to prevent this situation from occurring in the near future.

Did you know that a 800 foot long cedar fence can cost upwards of $6,000 to replace?  Using Teak and Deck Professionals to restore, refinish and protect your fence will extend its life exponentially, not to mention you’ll have a great looking fence as a feature of your backyard.

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