Preparing Your Teak Furniture for the Winter Weather

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Preparing Teak Furniture for Wintertime

While winters are certainly not harsh here in Southern California, your teak furniture will be exposed to more rain than normal over the coming few months. Combined with the regular sunlight that we receive in the winter, your teak furniture needs to be well protected for the coming months. Here are some ways to ensure that your furniture will look it’s best going forward:

1) Make sure that the teak sealer on your outdoor teak furniture is still strong and active. If you haven’t had your teak maintained in the past 12 months, you can safely assume that your sealer is no longer able to do its job. Have your pieces maintained now so that the water will not dwell on your unprotected furniture? Your pieces will still look great come springtime and you’ll have the peace of mind that they are well protected for the winter.

2) If your pieces do have a recent sealer on them, try to keep them as clean and dry as possible over the coming months. A monthly cleaning with a mild cleaning agent should do the trick.

3) If you choose to cover your pieces over the winter, only use fully breathable, high-quality covers that will not trap moisture. These are not easy to find and we can recommend a high-quality source if you need one.

Above all else, know that your teak furniture is designed to withstand the winter months and should be enjoyed and used.

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