Teak Care Part 1: Teak Furniture

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This three-part series explores some general advice on teak care and maintenance. So, let’s begin.

Should I Seal New Teak Furniture?

Seal your new teak furniture | (866) 618-4551

Seal your new teak furniture | (866) 618-4551

You want to be careful where a teak deck is concerned as varnishes and other treatments can cause teak to become super slippery and thus may cause injuries.  However, unlike a teak deck, teak furniture doesn’t need to be slip-resistant.   Teak woof is highly durable and can last a long time.  However, as it ages, just as we do, it starts to get a touch of gray.  This graying can be reversed, and your teak can be restored to its original rich caramel color if it is properly treated.

How do you treat new teak furniture?  You want to seal it with a high-quality teak sealer.  As a rule, you usually can’t buy professional-grade teak sealer over the counter.  Because of safety concerns, it is usually only available for professional services.

When Should I Seal My Teak Furniture?

First off, if it is indoor teak furniture, you will probably not need to seal it at all.  However, if it is outdoor teak, you must apply a teak sealer before the graying effect we described above takes place. As to why bear in mind that teak sealing will keep the teak just as it is.  If it has already begun to weather and gray, and you seal it, it will be locked in weathered and gray. So sealing your teak should be within one week of purchasing it.

Before sealing, make sure you sand your teak.  This allows the sealer to stick to the surface better.  The high-quality teak sealer can last for a long time, and usually, only a pro can get it for you.  That’s one reason why you should call in a teak care service in Orange County as they can do this with ease.

Be sure to read part two and part three of this series as well.

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