Teak Care Part 3: Teak Maintenance and Upkeep

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Sometimes, you can do easy teak maintenance on your own. Part three of our series explores some things that you can do between visits from your teak service.

Teak Maintenance: Teak Decks

Sweep your deck once a week to remove grit, dust, or sand. One of the questions we get a lot from our newer customers is: “Should I scrub my teak deck?” If you want to scrub your deck, remember that your deck needs to be treated with the proper care to avoid damaging it. Never use a hard metal bristled brush on teak, as teak has both hard and soft sections, and you can damage the softer ones that way. Use a neutral pH cleaner like dish-washing soap in a bucket of water. Scrub gently, rinse thoroughly with a hose, and then let it dry naturally.

If you want your teak deck to keep its non slip attributes, never varnish it. You may also want to gently sand your teak deck once or twice a year, or call in a professional teak refinishing company.  As for teak furniture, how you care for it depends on whether it is indoor furniture or outdoors.

Teak Furniture Care: Indoor Vs. Outdoor

Teak furniture care varies based on the type of teak furniture, and whether it’s indoors or out.  Indoor teak furniture is a piece of cake.  Lightly mist with water, and wipe down to remove any dust.  Don’t use furniture polish as a rule, as teak is a naturally oily wood, and as such, it doesn’t need much done to it.  Outdoor teak furniture you just need to gently scrub to remove any dirt or dust, and again, scrub lightly with a soft bristled brush.  Once or twice a year, call in a teak service to look it over.

Most of the time, teak is an easy wood to care for.  Considering it’s durability, if you take care of it, your descendants will probably use it long after you’re gone.  So follow these teak care tips, or call in a teak refinishing service.

This concludes part three of our series on teak care.  Be sure to read part one and part two of this series as well.

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