Teak Care for Home and Garden

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Teak care is one of several things that you do related to your garden.

Gardening Tips and Teak Care

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Gardening, like teak care, depends on the right tips.  First off,  know what soil type you have. When you know this you’ll know what you need to do to get the best out of it. There are three basic types of soil – sand, silt, and clay – and if you are not sure about what you have, ask your neighbors if there isn’t a nursery or home improvement center close by. When fertilizing, use plenty of organic matter, regardless of what soil type you have. Organic fertilizers, compost, and mulch enhance the nutrient level and encourage life-giving soil microbes and worms. The more you can use, the better. As for plants, make sure to plant species together that require the same soil, light, and nutrient requirements. For plants that require a regular supply of water, water deeply every few days. This will encourage the plant roots to go deeper in response to the deeper moisture level.

As for teak care, use care when scrubbing your teak. Never use a hard bristled brush for example, or you can scratch up your wood.  In addition to your garden, you want to know how to clean your home too.

Teak Cleaning and Housework

As for house cleaning, buy some cheap spray bottles.  You can save a lot of money by making your own cleaning stuff.   Also, you’ll want a good general-purpose cleaner with disinfectant. You’ll use this for kitchen, bathrooms, sinks, toilets, etc. Second, you will want a good window cleaning solution for windows, mirrors, and glass in your home.  When you’re doing teak cleaning indoors, use a neutral pH cleaner like dishwashing soap as this will not have any side effects on your teak.

Any home or garden project just takes a bit of knowledge and a bit of work.  Then you will see your home looking beautiful before you know it.  And don’t forget to include teak care as well.

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