Teak Furniture Maintenance

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Maintained Teak FurnitureTeak Furniture is a great option for any outdoor living environment but teak furniture maintenance is one aspect of teak ownership that should not be overlooked.  Teak is a beautiful hardwood that is sturdy and durable, not to mention beautiful, and is becoming more popular all the time as a prime source for outdoor furniture.   Teak is full of natural oils that help to defend it from the infestation of insects and also help it resist warping, shrinking, or rotting because of exposure to water. When you purchase new teak furniture, it is a beautiful honey color. However, through the effects of age and exposure to the sun and weather, the color turns gray or silver over time if it is left untreated. This is where Teak Furniture Maintenance comes into play.


The Importance of Teak Furniture Maintenance

As the oil on the surface of the wood slowly evaporates the unprotected wood is exposed to the elements. However, if you have professional Teak Furniture Maintenance done on a regular basis, you can retain the beautiful honey color indefinitely. Cleaning the wood is the first step. Some experts recommend washing the wood with a mixture of water and mild detergent and using a soft bristle brush. Even if you decide you like the silvered color, you should clean your teak at least once each year because bacteria can remain on the surface of the wood if it is not properly cleaned. In addition, if you leave the grayed teak unprotected, it can actually degrade more quickly than if you refinish and maintain it.

Some people think that they can maintain the original color of their teak furniture by wiping it with teak oil. While this seems to work initially, the teak oil actually builds up over time and can darken the color of your teak. In addition, it tends to be sticky and actually attracts dirt and grime to your teak. After a few applications, you will need to strip the oil totally from the surface of your teak if you want it to look natural again. Professionals, such as the trained staff at Teak & Deck Professionals, will use special sealers that are designed to work well with teak so that this type of problem doesn’t happen.

If you work with a professional Teak Furniture Maintenance company, you may have them treat and seal your teak when your first get it or when you have it restored so that the maintenance is needed less frequently. Having professionals handle the maintenance of your furniture means that you can count on it looking nice without having to go to the trouble of completely restoring it every few years. Remember that opting for professional teak furniture maintenance is the best way to keep your teak furniture looking great and remaining durable for many years.

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