Teak Refinishing: Part of a Good Home Maintenance Program

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Home maintenance is more than just teak refinishing.  This article explores some tips to keep your home safe and clean.

Home Maintenance: Clean Your Teak Too

Teak care is part of a home maintenance program

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Most people don’t know that allergens abound in a lot of homes.  It’s an urban legend regarding toilet seats and their dangers, right?  Maybe not.  Staph infections can occur from contaminated surfaces and including toilets.  Dust, grit, mold, and other contaminants are found both in and outside of your home.  Where teak cleaning is concerned, they can score the surface of your teak, and even damage it.  Inside your home, they can also damage fine surfaces like upholstery or tile. So first off, make sure you sweep, at least once a week. And sweep your teak too, particularly after a windstorm.

Dusting also helps to clean a home, however, be cautious if you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies, as improper dusting can exacerbate allergies.  One of the things a teak care company does is a light dusting of your teak surface too.

Teak Care: Only Part of Keeping Up a Home

A teak care company does a lot more than simple cleaning.  Just as cleaning your home is more than just dusting and sweeping, so to does taking care of your deck and furniture requires attention to detail.  When you clean your home, you use different cleaning products.  What you use to clean your bathroom may not necessarily be the same thing you would use to clean your kitchen.

Just remember, you have a lot of information out there.  Make sure you clean everything the proper way, to make sure that you’re not doing more harm.  When you’re in doubt, pick up your phone, and make some phone calls.  Maybe call in a housecleaning service if keeping up your home is too much for you.  As for your teak, that’s even easier.  Call in a professional teak cleaning service in Orange County.

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