Teak Refurbishing and General Teak Care Tips

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Teak refurbishing is a low-cost alternative to replacing your teak.  Why?  Well, as we have said in an earlier article, teak is expensive.

The Price of Teak and Teak Refinishing in Orange County

Replacing your teak is an expensive proposition.  Chairs can start at $200 per chair.  And face it, if your teak is a set, then after making the switch, you will have mismatched furniture, which is an aesthetic no-no.  And if you’re thinking that you can easily match up your chairs again, ‘maybe’ you’re right.  However, if they don’t match up, everyone will be able to tell, and slapping on a bunch of cushions pretty much says “I’m trying to hide something.”  Teak refurbishing, on the other hand, is a low-cost alternative to replacement.  And living in Orange County, who doesn’t want to save a bit of money?

Orange County is beautiful, with a mild Mediterranean climate, and a high standard of living in a state known for it, but it comes with a high price tag as well.  The median home price for a home in Orange County would run you about $500,000.  While not as expensive as places such as Marin County or the Bay Area, the cost of living is also quite expensive as well.  Simple supply and demand economics.  There is a lot of demand for homes in a pleasant climate and with a laid-back atmosphere.  So, unless you have an unlimited supply of money, you might want to look into ways to save money, such as hiring a teak refinishing service in Orange County.

Orange County Teak Refinishing Tips

We’ve said this time and time again, don’t use teak oil.  Be careful as well of store-bought teak refinishing products. You may give your teak a new look alright, a worn down and damaged look.  Some store-bought products are general cleaning items that have a high level of acid or solvent in them, neither of which is good for wood like teak.

Teak oil or any other oil-based product can leave residue behind dulling the finish of your teak.  So if you have a teak deck or furniture, know how to take care of it.  One of the best ways to start is to call in a teak refurbishing service in Orange County.

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